Parking Violations

In order to park on campus, vehicles are required to have a valid UCO TPS approved parking permit properly displayed, or park in a visitor pay-to-park location.

Hand-written notes left on the exterior of a vehicle are unacceptable and will not be honored by enforcement personnel. Activating a vehicle’s emergency flasher lights does not constitute a valid reason to park in designated fire lanes or no-parking zones.

Valid citations that have been issued will not be voided; the recipient of the citation must follow the appeal process outlined on the back of the citation.

Citation Responsibility

The owner-of-record, the individual registering a vehicle with UCO, or the individual assigned to the vehicle by TPS’s internal process is responsible for all UCO parking citations issued against that vehicle no matter the identity of the driver at the time of the violation.

TPS has a partnership with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and will link any non-registered vehicles with outstanding citations to individuals based on DMV information.

Rules of Evidence

Evidence that a motor vehicle was found parked or unattended in violation of these regulations is accepted as correct until proved otherwise that the vehicle was parked by:

  • The person holding a university parking permit for the vehicle;
  • If no university parking permit has been issued for the vehicle and the vehicle is not registered with the university, the person whose name it is registered with the Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles or the corresponding agency of another state or nation; and/or,
  • A son, daughter, spouse, or ward of the registered owner, is such a person who is employed with or enrolled in the university at the time of the violation.