Lot Closures

TPS reserves the right to close specific lots to permit holders and designate parking lot use for special events (i.e. sports events, camps, community events, etc.).  All lots are subject to additional hours of restriction based on special campus events or UCO needs as determined by TPS.


TPS will give advance notice of parking area changes or closings whenever possible, with as many notices as reasonably possible to communicate lot closings (Social Media, Email, Housing newsletters, flyers, Centralities, etc.). Drivers need to be aware of where their vehicle is parked and check in on the vehicle at least once per day, if the vehicle has not been moved.

Vehicles in Closed Lot

Vehicles remaining in a closed lot after the posted and communicated closure time are subject to impounding at the owner's expense. TPS will exhaust as many options as possible before choosing to impound a vehicle.

Vehicles which enter a closed lot will be subject to an "illegal entry/exit" citation, and are subject to impounding at the owner's expense. Drivers must pay attention to signs, as not all closed lots will be inaccessible but may simply have signs indicating closure.