Frequently Asked Questions

*If you have NOT had the new TEM Module training, please access the Learning Center for training. You can find the training by searching "Travel and Expense" and choosing the Instructor Led Training labeled "UCO Travel and Expense Management".*

How do I find a requisition number after I have completed it online?

Go back to FPAREQN and click on the down arrow.  At the validation page, do a "clear screen" or Enter Query (F7).  Under request number, type in "R16%"; for fiscal year "16".  Under the Requestor, type in your first or last name (Example %Last Name or FirstName%).  Click on Execute or (F8).  This will bring up all FY 2016 requisitions under your name; scroll down to the last one and that will be the latest you created.

How do I process hotel expenses that I want to be direct paid by the University?

Hotels accommodations can be processed on a requisition through the travel office or by PCard. The PCard holder must have completed PCard Hotel Training and have access to do so. 

  • If paying by requisition, a completed requisition, copy of the conference agenda including dates and conference rate, and a copy of the hotels W-9 are required if they have not been previously used.

If paying by a PCard, contact your department PCard holder. PCard holders may not make hotel purchases for themselves.

Where can I find UCO's W-9?

It can be found on the UCO website under Administration/Procurement Services/Documents & Forms/Purchasing Forms and Documents. Blank W9 and W8 forms can also be found here.

What Organization number do I use for the Travel and Expense Management?

Please contact your department for all Org questions. The Travel Department does not approve Org funding or amounts; only verifying documentation. Please contact Budget for all Org budget related questions.

I created a(n) Travel Authorization/Expense Report and have not been informed on the status, what do I do?

Log into the TEM and find your report from the Expense Manager tab. To find a Travel Authorization (TA), select the Authorization Report List and to find an Expense Report (TR), select the Expense Report List found on the left-hand side of the screen. Select your report by double clicking the line or single click and select “Open” from the Actions list. Select the Status History tab on the left-hand side and then select the Workflow Approvals tab. This will show you a list of approvals from bottom to top.

Why can’t I log into the Travel and Expense Management?

The Travel and Expense Management works best on Firefox for Mac users and Internet Explorer for all others. You should be using the same username and password that you use to log into your desktop computer. If you are getting a “Logout Successful” error, your UCONNECT (password) may be expired. Try to log into UCONNECT to see if you need to update your password and then log into the TEM using your computer desktop password.

What do I do if my name is misspelled on my airfare itinerary?

Airlines and TSA allow 3 letters to be misspelled as long as the name is the same. If you have more than 3 letters misspelled or if the name is incorrect, for example “Daniel” instead of “Danielle,” contact the Travel Agent that issued the ticket for a correction.

What paperwork is needed for students traveling without using a Travel Card or Cash Advance?

If you are not using a Travel Card or a Cash Advance, everyone in the group will be traveling as individuals. Student individual travel is still on paper and will follow standard policies and procedures. Refer to the “Preparing for Travel” and “Travel Forms” tab for instructions.

What forms are needed for Faculty Finalist travel reimbursement?

A completed and signed OSF 19 Form, accompanied by a W-9 Form and receipts if applicable.

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