Group Travel

*If you have NOT had the new TEM Module training, please access the Learning Center for training. You can find the training by searching "Travel and Expense" and choosing the Instructor Led Training labeled "UCO Travel and Expense Management".*


The Group Travel Forms should be completed for any travel consisting of faculty/staff and students. The form is required for approval of all group travel.  These instructions will cover the two main types of Group Travel.

1)     Group Travel is for faculty/staff traveling together with students for conferences, research, study tours, etc.

a. Fill out the Travel Card/Cash Advance Request form if you are requesting travel for a group. The form should be completed, signed, and turned in to the Travel Office at least three weeks prior to the date of travel. Any requests less than three weeks in advance is not guaranteed.

b. The Group Travel Worksheet must be completed and attached to the request. The worksheet should contain all of the expenses that are direct paid by your department (PCard), what should be purchased by the Travel Office and what expenses should be placed on the Travel Card.

c. Any airfare that is to be purchased by the Travel Office must have an itinerary attached to the form. The Group Travel Worksheet must include the names of all travelers (as it appears on the driver’s license), date of birth and Banner ID number(s). Attach with your form any related travel documentation (conference/event details, hotel reservations, etc.).

d. Once the Travel Office receives the request and the form has been properly authorized, a Travel Card will be requested from the bank and you will be notified when to pick up your card and packet.

2)     This request is also for a UCO issued Cash Advance Check. This may only be requested from a cash account fund (ex. 02 orgs or S accounts). The amount of the check may also be limited. We normally request that you do not ask for a cash advance over the amount of $1,000.00. If you need more funds than this, please request a Travel Card (this is strictly a suggestion, there are many scenarios that may come up so we will try to make it as convenient as possible). A Cash Advance Check must be requested at least two weeks in advance. The Cash Advance Check is not a means for reimbursement.

3)     Please note the Liability Clause on the Travel Card/Cash Advance Request Form and the UCO Risk Management Foreign Travel Requirements.


If you have questions or need help completing the form, contact the Travel Office at, or call 974-2493/974-2397.