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Central S.T.A.F Online Bursar Bill Only Application

Important: Use this form only if you want to have your Central S.T.A.F. membership dues billed to your Student Bursar Account. Central S.T.A.F. membership is available for current UCO students only.

Fill out and submit this form to join or to renew your Central S.T.A.F. (Students Today, Alumni Forever) membership and have your membership dues charged to your UCO Student Bursar Account. Please provide us with your mailing address (and update us with new information if you move) so that we can make sure you will receive all of your mailings and information.

Are you renewing your Central S.T.A.F. membership or are you joining for the first time?

Please charge my Central S.T.A.F. membership dues for the Fall/Spring year to my Student Bursar Account.

  Yes! Please charge my Student Bursar Account $15 for a one-year membership.
  Yes! Please charge my Student Bursar Account $50 for a four-year membership.

To confirm that you wish to have your Student Bursar Account charged for your Central S.T.A.F. membership, please enter your full name (first, middle initial, and last) and today's date below.

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