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Some things are forever – like being a University of Central Oklahoma Broncho!

The University of Central Oklahoma Alumni Association was established in 1902 to strengthen communication, loyalty and friendship among all alumni, faculty and staff, and all other friends of the university.

In representing university alumni, we believe:

• All alumni, including former students, should have access to the benefits of the Alumni Association
• Alumni should remain engaged with the university
• We are all members of the Central family
• Loyalty to our university is fulfilling
• Involvement can lead to greater support of the university

Because we believe these things, the UCO Alumni Association is discontinuing its membership dues program. We are welcoming all 80,000 alumni as full members - a lifelong investment in UCO that centers on engagement and gives all alumni equal access to the Association’s programs and services. Although we won’t be asking you for membership dues, we will continue to rely on your support – attending events, volunteering for alumni programs and making a gift to the university.

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