UCO Army ROTC Broncho Battalion

The University of Central Oklahoma Army Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (ROTC) is a program designed to develop and train prospective Army officers. College students take ROTC classes and participate in related activities along with their normal college degree program, becoming an officer cadet and learning valuable leadership skills that are well-suited for either a military or civilian job.

Following one’s graduation and successful completion of the ROTC program, cadets are offered a commission as a second lieutenant in the United States Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard. As an Army officer one learns the necessary skills to lead American Soldiers in numerous assignments around the world. The ROTC program consists of an elective class, supplementary lab, and morning physical training, which fully develop students into future Army officers. The program also includes other activities and opportunities for personal development in all relevant areas – scholastic, physical, or military.

ROTC also offers scholarships to qualified applicants and is always interested in talking to potential cadets. There are many different scholarships for which students or Soldiers may apply.

Please contact our recruiter at (405) 974-5166 or email ArmyROTC@uco.edu. Visit us on Facebook.

UCO ROTC cadre and staff