AVP for Global and Cultural Competencies

The Assistant Vice President for Global and Cultural Competencies, housed within the Division of Academic Affairs, works on a wide range of initiatives related to diversity and globalization on campus, including faculty recruitment and retention, study tours and faculty exchanges, policy and program development, and community engagement and outreach. 

The Assistant Vice President for Global and Cultural Competencies facilitates the Academic Affairs Diversity Implementation Group and the International Partnerships Advisory Council, chairs the Indigenous Peoples Day Task Force, serves as a member of the university’s Committee on Diversity, and functions as a liaison between the Division of Academic Affairs and the Offices of Diversity and Inclusion and of Global Affairs.

The Assistant Vice President for Global and Cultural Competencies is always available to meet with students, faculty and staff members, and members of the communities that the university serves to discuss issues related to diversity, to respond to concerns about diversity on campus, and to develop and implement strategies to support the university’s mission “to educate creative, collaborative graduates who are adaptable and engaged critical thinkers, who are receptive to new ideas, who celebrate the diversity of our region, and who will live fulfilling lives.”

Dr. J. David MaceyDr. J. David Macey, Jr.
Assistant Vice President
Global and Cultural Competencies
Division of Academic Affairs 

104 Thatcher Hall
(405) 974-5922