Project SPEAK

Project SPEAK (Support, Promote, Empower, Educate Advocate for Knowledge) is the violence prevention program for The University of Central Oklahoma.  Project SPEAK primary focus is to help our community develop and maintain safe and healthy relationships.  Project SPEAK is a program of the Center for Counseling and Well-Being has three primary functions:

  • To provide direct services for students impacted by sexual assault, violence, bullying, stalking or other behaviors

  • To educate the university community on bystander interventions when witnessing a potential risk or act of violence within our campus community, and

  • To conduct outreach and education with students, staff, faculty and our community on creating a safe environment for growing and learning. 

Project SPEAK

The University of Central Oklahoma will neither tolerate nor condone any form of sexual violence or misconduct, physical, mental, or emotional in nature. Sexual violence is defined as physical sexual acts perpetrated against a person’s will or where a person is incapable of giving consent. This includes, but is not limited to rape, (including date or acquaintance rape), sexual assault, sexual battery, sexual coercion, or other forms of sexual assault. In instances where there is reason to believe that University policy prohibiting sexual misconduct has been violated, the University will pursue disciplinary action. A victim of sexual misconduct may elect to pursue the concern through the state criminal justice system as well as the University’s student conduct system. Even if the victim chooses not to press criminal charges, he or she has the option of pursuing sanctions through the University system. University sanctions may include warnings, probation, restrictions, suspension or expulsion.

Project SPEAK will inform those that have experienced sexual assault or some form of violence of all the services that are available and assist  in exploring options to pursue. The staff will advocate for the individual as much, or as little, as he/she chooses. Project SPEAK collaborates with agencies to: Obtain a VPO (Victims Protective Order), obtain counseling and additional support services, file a no contact order, file a police report on or off campus, assist in relocation within the dorms, assist with student conduct process, address academic concerns & work to get schedule changes if needed. If you are a victim of violence, Project SPEAK can assist.