Diversity Is Central

The University of Central Oklahoma affirms and promotes diversity in every area of the university’s life in order to provide transformative educational experiences to students so that they may become productive, creative, ethical, and engaged citizens and leaders serving our global community.

Diversity enriches the experiences and expands the social and conceptual horizons of students and of faculty and staff members, and it enhances the university’s ability to contribute to the intellectual, cultural, economic, and social advancement of the communities and individuals it serves.

In order to promote and sustain diversity in areas including race, class, gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, ableness, affectional orientation, gender expression, and other aspects of self-identification, the University of Central Oklahoma provides a variety of resources for students, faculty and staff members, and members of the wider community.  This site provides links to these resources, including contact information for offices and programs that support diversity on campus and within the wider community.

  • Students

    Central proudly supports and embraces diversity and is dedicated to ensure cultural awareness into every aspect of our university community. A part of this commitment is through advocacy, cultural celebrations, and intentional educational efforts of the numerous campus organizations and university programs that contribute to the cultural competency development of all students.

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    Faculty & Staff

    The University of Central Oklahoma, in its ongoing commitment to promoting diversity in all areas of the institution, offers a wide variety of programs and events throughout the year and encourages participation and attendance by members of the surrounding Edmond and OKC metro areas.

  • Community

    Diversity enriches not only our campus, but  allows us to serve as a valued partner in contributing to the intellectual, cultural, economic, and social advancement of our neighboring communities as well. Please explore the Community section of our Diversity website to learn more about the unique programs and events that are open to the public, and oftentimes offered at no cost to attend.

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    Numerous  diversity-focused events are offered on campus throughout the entire calendar year. Some of UCO’s exciting annual events include: The Asian Moon Festival, Day of the Dead, and the Spring Pow Wow, and National Coming Out Day. Please explore the Diversity website to learn more about other great events taking place on campus.