Events & Programs

  • Adapted and Inclusive Sports
    UCO Adapted sports provides recreational opportunities for students of all abilities. Goalball, sitting volleyball, adapted canoe/kayak, and wheelchair basketball are just a few examples of recreational activities UCO Adapted Sports offers. For more information visit

  • Asian Moon Festival
    The University of Central Oklahoma has celebrated the Asian Moon Festival for over 10 years. This program provides an evening of fun, entertainment and food while paying homage the traditions, customs and history of the Asian culture.  This mid-autumn festival takes place annually in September.

  • Black History Month
    UCO Black History Month celebrates the history and culture of African Americans through informational and celebratory programs throughout February that allow students unify in celebrating the contributions of African Americans.

  • Black Male Initiative
    The Black Male Initiative provides participants resources that will ensure academic, professional, and social success. This program assists in the development of students through mentoring and intentional outreach. 

  • Endeavor Games
    The UCO Endeavor Games is one of the nation’s largest multi-sport events for athletes with physical disabilities. This annual event is  held in June and features over 11 sport competitions. For more information visit

  • Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos)
    Dia de los Muertos is a holiday that focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have passed away. The annual celebration over time has turned into a celebratory festival that allows people to honor their loved ones.

  • Dining in the Dark
    This event allows individuals to experience food, drink and conversation as you may never have before– without your sight.  This transformative learning experience allows you to get in touch with all of your senses. Expand your imagination and understanding of what individuals who are blind encounter throughout their lives by attending this event.  Dining in the Dark will be held in April on the UCO campus. 

  • Disability Awareness Week
    The University of Central Oklahoma’s Students for an Accessible Society will offer a hands-on educational transformative learning experience every spring and fall on the UCO campus where participants will gain an understanding of barriers placed in front of an individual with a disability living in today’s society.  This event is about creating awareness for a diverse minority group of people. 

  • Diversity Day Recruitment Event
    This event is designed for underrepresented high school seniors from the OKC metro that are interested in UCO.  Through collaboration with UCO Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the program highlights the rich cultural diversity of UCO while providing information about the admissions process, scholarship information, financial aid information, and support services available for students.  The program concludes with the opportunity for students to be admitted to UCO on the spot through our Fast Track Admissions Process.

  • Diversity Leadership Institute
    This annual program exposes students to the racial, economic, social, and cultural history, traditions and customs of various US cities. In the past, students have explored New Orleans, Chicago, Memphis, and Austin. This intense three day tour results in students critically examining how diversity impacts their views of themselves and the world.  

  • Diversity Peer Educators
    Diversity Peer Educators are students who are trained to facilities conversations about race, gender, social economic status, sexual orientation, and religion with their UCO peers and within the Edmond community.

  • Forge Diversity
    Forge Diversity is the premier orientation that assists multicultural students in making a successful transition to UCO.  This exciting and lively orientation is tailored to African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, Native American and LGBT students and is run by an energetic group ready to introduce you to resources, services, and programs that will aid in your success at UCO.

  • Hispanic Heritage Month
    UCO Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the history, culture and contribution of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America through various programs between September 15th and October 15th.

  • OKC Pride Week
    June is Pride month, and the University of Central Oklahoma enthusiastically supports our LGBTQ and allies community. Student Alliance for Equality is UCO’s premier organization that connects UCO to the community programs that occur during Pride month.

  • Martin Luther King Enterprise Oratory Project
    The UCO Martin Luther King Enterprise Oratory Competition celebrates the legacy of Dr. King. Students compete in an oratory competition where the first prize is $500.00 cash.

  • Miss Asian UCO
    The Miss Asian UCO pageant showcases the talent, intelligence and beauty, both inside and out, of the women who participate in this pageant. Scholarships are available for contestants who place. The pageant takes place during the fall semester each year. 

  • Miss Black UCO Scholarship Pageant
    The Miss Black UCO pageant has been at the University of Central Oklahoma for over 20 years. This pageant is a celebration of Black culture, history, and traditions. Contestants who place in the Miss Black UCO pageant receive UCO tuition waivers. Miss Black UCO moves forward to compete in the Miss Black Oklahoma pageant. This Miss Black UCO pageant takes place in February.

  • Miss Latina UCO Scholarship Pageant
    Miss Latina UCO honors and recognizes women for their academic achievement, community involvement, talent, and knowledge of Latin heritage and current events by providing an opportunity for leadership development and enhancement throughout their college campus and cultural community. The Miss Latina UCO pageant occurs in April.

  • Miss Native American UCO Scholarship Pageant
    This Miss Native American UCO pageant pays homage to Native American culture. Contestants who participate in this pageant are eligible for tuition waivers.

  • National Coming Out Day
    Each year during the fall semester, National Coming Out Day is celebrated at colleges and universities across the country, including here at UCO. This day is a day not only for LGBTQ individuals to come out if they choose, but also a day for allies to publicly declare their support for members of the LGBTQ community.

  • Native American Heritage Month
    UCO Native American Heritage provides a platform for Native Americans to share their culture, traditions, music, crafts, dance, and ways and concepts of life with the campus community. This celebratory month takes place in November.

  • Olympic/Paralympic Training Site  
    As an Olympic and Paralympic Training Site UCO has the opportunity to work with elite athletes of all abilities. The training site is able to offer volunteer opportunities throughout the year to the UCO community. For more information visit

  • Peer Health Leadership Program
    The UCO Peer Health Leaders provide creative and interactive health education programs that reach a wide variety of students. Peer Health Leaders work with a wide variety of health topics on campus such as nutrition, physical activity, sexual health, stress management, alcohol/tobacco/drugs, men’s health, women’s health, healthy relationships, and more. For more information, visit

  • Pow Wow
    The UCO Powwow is one of the oldest celebrations at the University of Central Oklahoma. This annual celebration is held in April and celebrates the history, traditions, and customs of Native American cultures.

  • Tunnel of Oppression
    The UCO Tunnel of Oppression creates an eye-opening experience for individuals who may not be aware of the oppressive realities that many individuals face in everyday life. The tunnel aims to help students become more conscientious to the fact that these oppressions exist, even if they do not deal with them personally.

  • Project SPEAK
    Project SPEAK (Support, Promote, Empower, Educate Advocate for Knowledge) is the violence prevention program for The University of Central Oklahoma.  Project SPEAK's primary focus is to help our community develop and maintain safe and healthy relationships.  Project SPEAK is a program of the Center for Counseling and Well-Being.

  • Sexual Health Awareness Week
    Sexual Health Awareness Week allows UCO students to begin conversations about sexuality and sexual health in a comprehensive manner. This annual program occurs every September and encourages students of all sexual orientations and beliefs to participate and be a part of the conversation.

  • Vet HERO
    The VetHERO is a department of Veteran Support Services and is designed to support the veteran student as well as the military dependent in succeeding in post-secondary education by coordinating services to address the academic, financial, physical, and social needs of veterans and veteran dependent students.  VetHERO is run entirely by students participating in the VA work study program.

  • Women's History Month
    The University of Central Oklahoma celebrate women and the many achievements they have made to our community. The annual month long tribute is held annually in March and recognizes the historical to present-day contributions to our society made by women.

  • Women in STEM Peer Mentoring Program
    The mentoring program is designed to provide academic and social support to women entering the University of Central Oklahoma with an interest in a science, mathematics, computer science, engineering, or healthcare. Our philosophy is based on research and practice in the field of mentoring.