Student Organizations

  • American Association of University Women (AAUW)
    The American Association of University Women (AAUW) at Central is to promote female leadership on the University of Central Oklahoma campus while raising awareness about issues that affect women on a global and national level.

  • Asian American Student Organization (AASA)
    This group unites students with an interest in Asian American issues through social, educational, cultural, and political events; such as Sushi Rolling Night, Pho Night, Asian Horror Stories and more.

  • Black Student Association (BSA)
    The UCO Black Student Association aid in the growth and development of UCO collegiate students through a series of culturally, socially, and academically focused discussions and programs from a unique African-American perspective.

  • Diversity Round Table (DRT)
    Diversity Round Table is the premier organization on campus that is dedicated to advocating, celebrating, and educating the Central community in all things diversity. This organization is the umbrella organization for many of the UCO multicultural organizations and also implements major campus programs such as the UCO Town Hall on Diversity and the Tunnel of Oppression. More information can be found at

  • Hispanic American Student Association (HASA)
    The Hispanic American Student Association (HASA)  works to preserve and promote the richness and diversity of the Hispanic / Latino-American culture.  To these aims HASA encourages cultural diversity, articulate the concerns of Hispanic and Latino students, and cultivate relationships with other student organizations and the UCO and Metro community.

  • National Organization of Women (NOW)
    The National Organization for Women at UCO focuses on equality for all. NOW works to eliminate discrimination and harassment, secure reproductive rights for all women, end violence against women, eradicate racism, sexism and homophobia, and promote equality and justice. For more information, contact Lindsey Churchill at or visit

  • Native American Student Association (NASA)
    The Native American Student Association (NASA) serves a dual purpose at the University of Central Oklahoma. The organization provides support-socially and academically for Native American students and their allies at the University; as well as promotes an awareness of Native American and other Indigenous peoples' historic and contemporary cultures and affairs among the broader student body.

  • Striving Toward Academic and Renowned Success (STARS)
    The purpose of the STARS is to promote high scholarship; to develop an appreciation for scholarly work and the academic endeavors of others; to recognize leadership and service; and value the significance of multiculturalism.

  • Student Alliance for Equality (SAFE)
    Students Alliance For Equality provides programming that engages the entire UCO campus and community on LGBTQ issues through an exciting calendar of events, a distinguished lecture series, advocacy for equitable access and a discrimination-free environment, and facilitation of a variety of training opportunities throughout the year.

  • Students for an Accessible Society (SAS)
    Students for an Accessible Society is a student led organization that helps establish a network for students with and without disabilities who support equal access at our university and within our community. Our goal is to encourage students with disabilities to understand there is no barrier too great in their search for knowledge.  Our organization, combined with the efforts of the DSS office, has provided awareness and resources related to disabilities and accommodations to our campus during Stampede Week, Homecoming Week, and Disability Awareness Week.

  • UCO Reach Out
    UCO Reach Out is a Christian based group of individuals who seek to better themselves, help others, and uplift the community in which we live.