Greetings to President Betz

Lucky 2 have leader like Don Betz, chancellor at UWRF 3 yrs. Prosper!
Don Richards, Mayor, River Falls, WI

I am simply thrilled to have you back, Dr. Betz. You have my highest regards. I look forward to your service at UCO knowing that your aim is always excellence. Thank you for coming back! Congratulations, Dr. Betz!
Phyllis Pennington, UCO Staff

Dr. Betz: I wish you all the success with God's speed in your endeavors as the leader of the great University of Central Oklahoma. If there is anything I can do to achieve your objectives, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Jeff McKibbin, UCO Faculty

Dr. Betz, I am thrilled that you are leading our great university. I appreciate your commitment to excellence and the energy you provide to our campus! I wish you many blessings and offer a most sincere welcome!
Rachelle Franz, UCO Faculty

Welcome back. I look forward to great things happening at UCO under your excellent leadership.
Joan Luxenburg, UCO Faculty

Dr. Betz, I just want to wish you much success at UCO, as a student of Psychology this university has provided me with the best professors and education. I want to thank you for your great leadership and for making the University of Central Oklahoma one of the best in the nation.
Kevin Redden, UCO Student

I found Dr. Betz inspiring as his student in 1982 at NSU. Now as a faculty member I look forward to his leadership at UCO.
James Daro, UCO Faculty
Very excited for the coming years Dr Betz. Unfortunately I will be away during the inauguration as I am getting married on April 14th, and will be away on a honeymoon. Best wishes again!
Casey Davis, UCO Staff

I wish you every success, Dr. Betz. I know your character, vision, and leadership will guarantee the acquisition of that goal. Our university and the rest of us will follow in your wake and enjoy what the future holds with you.
Gladys Lewis, UCO Faculty

President Betz, On behalf of the Emeritus Faculty Association, I wish you every success at UCO. Welcome home & "thank you" for your commitment to Central.
Joanne Necco, Emeritus Faculty Assoc. Retired 2007.

President Betz, The campus is brimming with excitement at the new opportunities you are bringing us in your role as our President. I'm looking forward to your innovative vision and can't wait to play a part in it. Congratulations!
Darren Denham, UCO Staff

I am excited for you and your family, and wish you the very best as our 20th President. You have a great community to work with. Goodspeed!
Mark Brennaman, UCO Faculty

Best wishes Dr. Betz, I look forward to see what you have in store for UCO!
Elise Ellis, UCO Staff

Thank you for a great week of wonderful memories!  Jean Hendrickson interviewing George Mehaffy, the incredible student/faculty concert, Michael Slackman, and the actual Inauguration, to name just a few. We already knew you'd be a great president. Thanks for giving us the opportunity for such a fun official start.
Gypsy Hogan, UCO Staff

I would just like to wish you all the best for much success at UCO. I also would like to thank you for your love, care and support to all the students, staffs, and faculties. Congratulations!!
Sanghamitra, UCO Student

I am really delighted that we have a great President like you, Dr. Betz. All best of luck. 
Al Taweel Kamel, UCO Student

I was at Nigh Center on Wednesday 18th April and Dr. Betz was walking by with some people. He said hello to me and stopped by to talk to me. Asked me where I was from and I told him Nigeria. He asked me what Nigerian president was doing about a situation there! I told him he was trying his best to curtail things. I was surprised he stopped to talk to me, and he also knew about happenings in another country! Shows he is informed and keeps himself abreast of events! I wish you all the best at Central and look forward to your great leadership!
Yetunde Quadri, UCO Student

Dr. Betz, I am an alumnus of UCO, which was Central State College in 1967, when I graduated. I have only been back in Edmond for just over 2 years after having spent close to 30 years in Texas. I am amazed at how the university has grown. I look forward to seeing how your leadership brings UCO even more into the national spotlight as a highly respected academic institution. God bless.  
Jim Snow, UCO Student

Dr. Betz has shown an encouraging amount of interest in the welfare and every day lives of UCO students. As a graduating senior, I am sad that I will not be able to enjoy the full benefits of everything that he is going to accomplish during his time as president here. I wish you the best President Betz!
Hayden Day, UCO Student  

I am excited about UCO's future with you at the helm.
Kathryn Williams, UCO Faculty

Thank You! I enjoy your emails not only because it shows your commitment to reach out to everyone but they also show your exceptional literary skills, which makes them delightful to read! I hope I get the opportunity to meet you. 
Casey Foster, UCO Student  

I would like to congratulate Dr. Betz for leading our school towards the path of peace, prosperity, development of educational background within and outside the state and the Nation.
Suresh Chaulagain, UCO Student

Dear Dr. Betz,
I am absolutely thrilled that you are the President of UCO at this time!  Your inauguration ceremony was the most splendid I had ever seen.  I became aware of the ways in which you and Mrs. Betz and your family have woven themselves into the fabric of UCO, the Edmond community, the collegiate community in Oklahoma, and beyond.  You have just the right skills to take UCO forward to new possibilities:  your awesome brain is a marvel for which I am grateful; your community spirit and team-building is so important; and most important, your compassionate heart is what all of us at UCO need.  Thank you for your great skills!
Sandra Mayfield, UCO Faculty