Wellness Center - LabyrnithTuesday, April 17th

Every day our faculty staff and students are committed to learning and exploring their chosen discipline. The impact of their contributions was discovered at a campus-wide symposium where discussions and celebrations of research, scholarly activities and creative pursuits were shared and displayed.


11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Heartland Plaza (Outdoor area west of Y Chapel)
Brittney Criswell, Wellness Center at bcriswell@uco.edu or 974-2320

Central’s 11-circuit outdoor grass Labyrinth design includes one meandering path that starts at the outer edge and encircles the center. The walker starts the path at the beginning and follows the twists and turns of the path which lead the walker to the center of the design; after spending time in the center, the walker returns on the same path back out from the center, arriving at the beginning. The walker is encouraged to reflect on the thoughts that come and go as they moved along the path; often times these thoughts provide interesting insights and clarity for the walker. The Labyrinth experience was facilitated by Dr. Diane Rudebock of the Department of Kinesiology & Health Studies.

Research, Creative & Scholarly Activities Symposium

9:00AM - 4:00PM
Heritage Room, NUC

Exhibition: The Evolving Culture of Research, Creative and Scholarly Activities at UCO from 1890-present.

Ballroom A, NUC
Roundtables facilitated by faculty, staff and students actively engaged in research, creative and scholarly activities

A Concert to Honor the President and Mrs. Don Betz

7:00 p.m.Radke Recital Hall, Center for Transformative Learning

By Invitation Only

Regent Belva Howard and Belinda Tricinella welcomed guests to a special concert featuring both student and faculty compositions, student Leadership Chamber Ensembles and faculty scholarly research recording ensembles. Musical styles included classical, ragtime, jazz and dixieland.