President Betz in Inauguration Regalia

Inauguration of UCO's 20th President

Dr. Don Betz

Creating a Culture of Learning, Leading, and Serving

We live and work today in a swirling cauldron of change, as will our children and grandchildren.  The pace and depth and breadth of change is unprecedented.  How do we prepare for and thrive in a milieu of relentless change?  At UCO we believe we are here to help students to learn to be productive, creative, ethical and engaged citizens and leaders to guide and harness change--to be change agents. Fundamentally, we strive to prepare our students for a life of learning, leading and serving, to BE the change.

We believe that our combined daily attitudes, behaviors and orientations extended over time constitute the culture of our community, state, country and beyond.  We believe we can create a culture of learning, leading and serving that cultivates talents and opportunities that not only can shape and direct our futures but of those around us.  In the spirit of healthy collaboration with the objectives clearly articulated, we can connect, create and model behavior. Through an inherent commitment to learn, lead and serve, UCO prepares its graduates for a productive, fulfilling life.  As trust is reinforced and rewarded through successful collaborations, we implicitly understand that we and our actions matter. Via this process of continuing renewal and connection, we can change lives, shape our communities, and influence the quality of life in Oklahoma.

We will meet the challenge of change through a recommitment to our culture of learning, leading and serving.   In this way, UCO will continue to be recognized and valued as a preferred societal, gathering place, a sustaining educational resource and a vital partner in crafting Oklahoma's future.

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