Jarrett Jobe, Assistant Vice President of Public Affairs and Leadership

An alumnus of University of Central Oklahoma, Dr. Jarrett Jobe has impacted and served UCO in several different capacities.  Prior to joining Leadership Central, Dr. Jobe worked in the President’s Office and Campus Life Office at University of Central Oklahoma.  In Campus Life, Dr. Jobe steered Greek Life, Cheer and Pom, Homecoming, UCOSA, SPB, and several other departments and events. 

Dr. Jobe interned at the Federal Bureau of Investigation while completing his bachelor’s in forensic science at UCO.  Recently, Dr. Jobe was awarded a Ph.D. in Political Science, focusing on International Relations, Public policy and United Nations Peacekeeping, from the University of Oklahoma.  Dr. Jobe currently serves on the UCO alumni board, recently serving as President. 

As Assistant Vice President of Public Affairs and Leadership, Dr. Jobe oversees President’s Leadership Council and Leaders of Tomorrow.  Dr. Jobe also supervises Higher Education Day and teaches several classes at UCO, including Model UN and Leadership Courses.

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