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Feb. 19: Sound policy should be focus. Oklahoman.

Feb. 18: Changes made in gun bill please business groups. Oklahoman.

Feb. 18: Academic, peer-reviewed studies should guide firearm policy. Oklahoman.

Feb. 15: Plan to Cut Back Higher Education Spending in Oklahoma Raises Questions About What's Next for Local College. News 5.

Feb. 14: Permitless carry bill passes House. Oklahoman.

Feb. 13: Oklahoma Tax Collections Up...But. Associated Press.

Feb. 13: Oklahoma college students advocate for more higher education funding. Oklahoman.

Feb. 13: Teacher raises advance in Oklahoma House with unanimous committee vote. Tulsa World.

Feb. 12: Multiplier effect: Local economies' boost from colleges and universities is studied. Tulsa World.

Feb. 12: House leader promises additional funding for higher education. Journal Record.

Feb. 7: Permitless carry gun bill sails through Oklahoma committee. Journal Record.

Feb. 4: Stitt budget would raise teacher pay, set aside surplus. Oklahoman. 

Feb. 4: What's in the new governor's first budget proposal? Flat agency appropriations, modest increase for education, money to savings. Tulsa World.

Feb. 4: $612 million more for Oklahoma? Probably not, officials say as growth figures for state budget expected to drop. Tulsa World.

Feb. 3: Committee leaders outline priorities for 2019 session. Oklahoman.

Feb 3: Now's the time to change SQ640. Oklahoman.

Feb. 1: Your quick guide to the upcoming legislative session: The issues, leaders, salaries and more. Tulsa World.

Jan. 31: GOP firsts, bold moves: The tenure of Gov. Mary Fallin. NonDoc.

Jan. 29: Government reports, education highlight Senate GOP's 2019 agenda. Oklahoma State Senate. 

Jan. 28: Funding needed to support increasing number of students, Hofmeister says. Oklahoma State Department of Education.

Jan. 28: Fedarlizing the Executive: The 57th State Legislature may be best remembered for strengthening the Governor's Office. 23rd & Lincoln. 

Jan. 28: Women make huge gains in Oklahoma, rise to leadership posts. The Journal Record.

Jan. 27: Point of View: Oklahoma's regional universities create chances to suceed. Oklahoman. 

Jan. 25: The Failed Effort to Bring Transparency to Groups Lobbying on Legislation. Oklahoma Watch.

Jan. 24: 2019 Priority: Restore higher education funding to ensure a well-educated workforce. OKPolicy.org.

Jan. 24: Executive order target lobbyists, planes, hiring freeze and Cabinet. 23rd & Lincoln.

Jan. 24: A symbolic proposal, 2,815 bills and 'Inman's Axiom.' Journal Record.

Jan. 20: Stitt sets sights on budget. Oklahoman.

Jan. 20: The 2019 Tulsa World legislative agenda. Tulsa World.

Jan. 18: More than 2,800 bills waiting for Oklahoma lawmakers. Journal Record. 

Jan. 15: Stitt's inaugural speech, annotated. Oklahoma Watch.

Jan. 15: Push to end agencies boards could inject more politics and ideology into state agency operations (Capitol Update). OKPolicy.org.

Jan. 14: A fresh start for the state is speakers’ theme at Kevin Stitt’s inaugural ball in Oklahoma City.  Tulsa World.

Jan. 14:  Stitt takes office, promises new state pride. Oklahoman.

Jan. 6. Say Something is Key in curbing school attacks. Oklahoman.

Dec. 30.  Oklahoma’s regional universities are ladders to success. Oklahoman.

Dec. 29.  Fallin departing after lengthy public service. Oklahoman.

Dec. 28: Fallin's fall from grace. Journal Record.

Dec. 27: Stitt tells lawmakers that a one-time revenue jump isn't an excuse for a spending spree...or 'tinkering with the tax code'. Tulsa World.

Dec. 26: Keeping promises. Oklahoma Gazette.

Dec. 21: Oklahoma's higher education chancellor making the case for a $100 million increase. Oklahoman.

Dec. 20: Surplus 'is not a blank check,' Stitt Warns. Enid News & Eagle.