Executive Board

Jordan Medaris, President

Contact Jordan about anything President's Leadership Council related. jmedaris@uco.edu

Ashley Rathbone- Vice President

Contact Ashley about about Summer and Winter Retreats as well as activity reports. arathbone@uco.edu

Cole MacCollister, Secretary

Contact Cole about activity reports and excusal forms. cmaccollister@uco.edu

Madelynn Dancer- Public Relations Chair

 Contact Madelynn about social media, the newsletter/agenda and activity reports. mdancer@uco.edu

LeeAnn Littlejohn- Activities Chair

Contact LeeAnn about homecoming, UCO campus events and activity reports. llittlejohn1@uco.edu

Tobie Mitchell- Service Chair

 Contact Tobie about how to log service hours and ideas on where to volunteer. tmitchell27@uco.edu

Jaid Wehrenberg- Incoming Student Representative

 Contact Jaid about the incoming PLC class and activity reports. jowens24@uco.edu

Marianna Morse- Senior Representative

Contact Marianna about Senior class events or activity reports. mavgousti@uco.edu

Juan Estrada- Junior Representative

Contact Juan about junior class events, End of the Year Banquet and activity reports. jestrada5@uco.edu

Reagan Whitlock- Sophomore Representative

 Contact Reagan about sophomore class events and activity reports. rwhitlock1@uco.edu