Learning Center Update F.A.Q.

Q: How do I log in to the Learning Center?

A: Please use your UCONNECT user name and password to access Learning Center.

Q: What if I forgot my UCONNECT user name and/or password?

A: Please use the Self-Service Password Change and Username Lookup utility. CLICK HERE for more information.

Q: Will I receive an email notification of my class time?

A: Yes, you will automatically receive a confirmation email when you enroll in a session that will provide you with the course details. Emails will also be sent to notify you of session changes or cancellations.

Q: How do I print a transcript of my completed courses?

A: After you have completed an online course or ILT course, it will show in your MY PROGRESS area. Once you click on that, it will give you an option to PRINT REPORT. You can then select if you want to print which courses you want to print whether it is IN PROGRESS, COMPLETE, or both.

Q: How do I add an external learning activity to my plan or progress.

A: In the MY PROGRESS area, click on CREATE LEARNING EVENT and complete the details.  Make sure you change the status of the item to completed so that it will show correctly when you print a transcript.

Q: What is the difference between My Plan and My Progress?

A: MY PLAN contains a listing of the courses you and your manager have assigned to you for completion. It can be used to address specific developmental goals and keep track of courses you frequently access. MY PROGRESS contains the listing of the courses that are IN PROGRESS and COMPLETED.

Q: What is a Learning Program?

A: A Learning Program is the series of courses on a specific category (i.e.; UCO Safety Training) that have been assigned to you.  As you complete the Learning Program, you will receive a % Completed Score.