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The mission of Passport UCO is to inspire unity and understanding in the global community, while providing educational and entertaining cultural events for our students and surrounding community.  Every Fall, the Passport program selects a country or region to investigate.  In 2017, our compass turns an exploration of the history, culture, and influence of Germany.  Most events are free of cost and all are open to the public.

University of Central Oklahoma students who participate in this program will accumulate one stamp in their personal passports at each event, and upon collecting five or more stamps gain eligibility to enter a drawing for an iPad (graciously donated by UCO’s Center for eLearning and Customized Education).

Visit the Passport web page at for further information and updates. 

Mon.  Sep. 11       12 pm    Opening Ceremony NUC – R.S. Kerr Room. Special guests, opening remarks, and great traditional food! Everyone is welcome!

Mon.  Sep. 11  8:00 pm Special Presentation: Lucie Pohl’s Hi, Hitler!  ACM Performance Lab, 329 E Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, OK. (For all audiences!) Come see Lucie’s hilarious one-woman show! MORE INFO!

Wed. Sep. 13 12 pm    Willkommen in Deutschland! – Dr. Rudi Nollert     LIB 226 (inside the Max Chambers Library, UCO Campus). A talk on German language, culture, history, and other great topics!

Wed. Sep. 20   12 pm  Teach in Germany!—Dr. Fred Hammond  LIB 226 (inside the Max Chambers Library, UCO Campus). A discussion of teaching in Germany and beyond for Department of Defense, private schools, and others. Find out how you can do it too!

Wed. Sep. 27   12 pm   Living under Two Totalitarian Regimes: Nazi Germany and East Germany— Dr. Klaus and Dagmar Rossberg LIB 226 (inside the Max Chambers Library, UCO Campus). An engaging presentation about moving to the U.S. from Germany. Includes a Q&A!

Wed. Oct. 4    12 pm  Martin Luther and the Modern World: The Reformation’s Impact — Dr. Michael Springer  LIB 226 (inside the Max Chambers Library, UCO Campus). A look at the 95 Theses that changed the world.

Wed. Oct. 11   12 pm  Murnau’s The Last Man: A Short History of German Toilets – Dr. Mary Brodnax   LIB 226 (inside the Max Chambers Library, UCO Campus). The title says it all… or does it?

Wed. Oct. 18   12 pm  Should the U.S. Military Withdraw from Germany? – UCO Debate Team Presentation – Dr. Matthew Moore LIB 226 (inside the Max Chambers Library, UCO Campus). UCO’s Debate Team tackles the difficult question of whether the United States should withdraw its forces from Germany. 

Wed. Oct. 25   12 pm  The Turkish Immigrant Experience in Germany – Dr. John Hitz     LIB 226 (inside the Max Chambers Library, UCO Campus). A look into the complex relationship between these two great countries, touching upon cultural crossover, statesmanship, immigration, and labor.

BONUS EVENT! Mon. Oct. 30   7:30 pm  Out in the Cold War: LGBT Rights in Germany and the Soviet Union – Dr. Erik Huneke     LAR 216 (inside the Liberal Arts Bldg., UCO Campus). Join UCO Assistant Professor of History Dr. Erik Huneke for this fascinating talk on the history of LGBTQ+ treatment on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

SPECIAL BONUS EVENTS! Thu. Nov. 2- Sat. Nov. 4 International Bach Festival: Brisch Center for Historical Performance at UCO

(Please visit the website for full details)

Students wishing to gain STLR exposure credit and Passport to Germany stamps for the International Bach Festival may do so by writing a 150-word reaction paper using as a guide the three questions German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe poses for determining the quality of art:

         1. What was presented?

         2. How well does the presenter do it?

         3. Does it seem worth the doing?

They will email this to James Daro (

BONUS EVENT! Mon. Nov. 6   7:30 pm The Food Culture of Germany (and a Little from Russia too!) – Kristen Grounds and Jessica Gerken     LAR 216 (inside the Liberal Arts Bldg., UCO Campus). A look at the connections between Russian and German food culture with top interns from the UCO Nutrition Department. This is a special event with traditional food from Russia and Germany, so come hungry!

Thu.  Nov. 16 12 pm Fashion Show – CLOSING CEREMONY.  CONSTITUTION HALL

The UCO Fashion Marketing in the Department of Human Environmental Sciences (HES) presents their amazing focus on Germany’s influence in the world of fashion with this blowout final event with special master of ceremonies Dr. Rudi Nollert. Grand prize drawing, as well as a number of other giveaways included! This is a STLR-tagged event for Global & Cultural Competencies.

All Events are Tagged for Global & Cultural Competencies with the Student Transformative Learning Record!

Student Transformative Learning Record - Global CompentencyStudent Transformative Learning Record - Global Compentency