Executive Committee

Chair: President Renteria

Vice Chair: Vice President Butler

Members: Secretary/Treasurer DeBoard, Webmaster/Historian Duke (non-voting), Parliamentarian Powers (non-voting), Past President Baird (non-voting)

About: The Executive Committee considers and with 2/3 votes approves presidential appointments of officers and standing committee membership, holds regularly scheduled meetings, and performs other duties deemed appropriate for the committee

Constitution, Parliamentary Procedure, and Elections (CPP&E) Committee

Chair: Parliamentarian Powers

Vice Chair:  TBD

Members: Senator Daro, Senator Wimmer

About: CPP&E considers amendments to the Senate Constitution and/or Bylaws, informs each election unit of the number of Senators allotted to it, provides Senators a current Senate Constitution and Bylaws within 30 business days of beginning of Senators term, conducts elections in accordance with the Senate Constitution and Bylaws, and performs other duties deemed appropriate

Communications Committee

Chair: Webmaster/Historian Duke

Vice Chair: Senator Weathers

Members: Senator Bryant, Senator Curtis, Senator Provine

About: The Communications Committee familiarizes the UCO community with the purpose and responsibility of the Senate, publicizes activities through UCO publications and other appropriate media, designs and implements methods of polling as directed by the Senate, ensures accuracy of communications, arrange yearly photos with photographic services of the Senate and Senate officers, reviews and recommends website content, participate in the Communicator's Council organized by University Relations, and performs other duties deemed appropriate

Personnel Policies and Compensation Committee

Chair: Senator Shortt

Vice Chair: Senator LaFave

Members: Senator Bieri, Senator Caldwell, Senator Hocking, Senator Martucci

About: This committee studies and makes recommendations regarding interpretation and/or enforcement of UCO policies, procedures, practices, and external regulations related to labor/staff relations, identification and resolution of concerns related to the management of UCO staff, compensation programs that ensure appropriate, competitive, and efficiently managed staff compensation, a job classification system, staff recognition and awards, and other duties deemed appropriate

Staff Development and Wellness Committee

Chair: Senator Castleberry

Vice Chair: Senator Wellington

Members: Senator Campbell, Senator Hagy, Senator Jones

About: This committee studies and makes recommendations regarding programs and opportunities designed to benefit personal growth and organization success, and the healthy campus initiative in the development and maintenance of a healthy body, mind and spirit. Sends a member to serve as the Senate representative on the Professional Development Advisory Committee, sends a committee member to serve as the Senate representative on the Healthy Campus Leadership Team, and performs other duties deemed appropriate

Information Resources and Technology Committee

Chair: Senator Button

Vice Chair: Senator Moore

Members: Senator Gamagedara

About: This Committee studies and makes recommendations regarding staff and faculty technology needs and priorities, computing, networking, e-learning, telephone, training, and support services. The committee sends a member to serve as a non-voting Senate representative on the Committee for University IT Project Prioritization (CUIT), and other duties deemed appropriate

Alumni and Community Involvement Committee

Chair: Senator Haggerty

Vice Chair: Senator Jackson-Hardwick

Members: Senator Braun, Senator Liskey, Senator Ramsdell, Senator Scism

About: This committee studies and makes recommendations regarding staff interaction with alumni and the community, programs and opportunities that may foster staff relationships with alumni and friends, philanthropic efforts, diverse opportunities for staff to perform service, and potential federal, state, and/local legislation that may affect staff. The committee sends a member who is either a UCO alum or UCO Alumni Association member to serve as an ex-officio member on the National Alumni Board of UCO, works closely with the Alumni office and/or Volunteer and Service Learning Center on matters of mutual concern. Performs other duties deemed appropriate

University-Wide Committee/Representation

Senate representatives to UCO committees shall report to the Senate at each regular Senate meeting. To request Staff Senate representation on a University Committee not listed, please contact President Renteria.

University Planning Council: Senator Renteria

Communicators Council: Senator Curtis

Healthy Campus Leadership Team: Senator Wellington

Committee for University IT Project Prioritization: Senator Button

National Alumni Board of UCO: Senator Ramsdell

Committee on Diversity: Senator Braun

Oklahoma Legislative Update: Senator Butler

Oklahoma Higher Education Employee Insurance Group: Senator DeBoard

Business Continuity Oversight Council: Senator Button

Employee Wellness Committee: Senator Wellington

Transportation and Parking Committee: Senator Castleberry

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