Upcoming Meetings

  • 2pm Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Location: Liberal Arts Room 121, Pegasus

  • 2pm Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Location: Forensic Science Institute Room 106

  • 2pm Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Location: Forensic Science Institute Room 106

2016-2017 Executive Committee

President: Taylor Baird

Vice President: Liliana Renteria

Secretary/Treasurer: Cheryl Duke

Parliamentarian: James Powers

Webmaster/Historian: Justine Tozer

University of Central Oklahoma Staff Senate

Staff Senate with President Don Betz

The UCO Staff Senate was created in spring 2014 to represent the staff that work at UCO. The areas that make up the staff senate include: Academic Affairs, Administration, Student Affairs, Information Technology, Athletics, Foundation/Alumni, President's Office, Legal, and Leadership/University Relations.


Recognizing the value of involving staff as the University progresses toward the accomplishment of its goals and solution of its problems, the staff, faculty and administration established the University of Central Oklahoma Staff Senate. The Staff Senate is the body elected to represent the University of Central Oklahoma staff. The Human Resources department will serve as the Staff Senate sponsor and liaison. 

The Staff Senate wants and encourages you to address concerns and issues facing the university and staff. Feel free to email us at: staffsenate@uco.edu

Robert's Rules of Order Explained

What's New!

The winners of the staff senate elections are as follows:

Academic Affairs: Annamaria Martucci, Carlie Wellington, Liliana Renteria Mendoza, Michele Baker, Sharon LaFave
Operations: Dawn Haggerty, Michael Liskey, Kelly Vaughn
Communications/Foundation/President's Office/Government Relations: Lauren Bieri
Faculty: James Daro
Information Technology: Adam Crough, James Provine
Student Affairs: Dallas Caldwell, Kimberly Campbell, Stevie Johnson

These newly elected senators will begin their terms in July. A list of current senators and their respective terms can be found on the Senators tab to the left.

Click on "Bills, Proposals, and Resolutions" to the left for a quick, up-to-date look at what Staff Senate is doing.