Strategic Direction Team C Objectives
“Aligning Outcomes with our Mission and Vision”

Strategic Direction Team C has the overall responsibility for creating and monitoring a dynamic strategic plan that identifies a strategy model that works; allows and encourages experimentation; and, encourages transparent strategic choices while letting data inform decisions.  An essential element in planning is ensuring that all resource allocation is aligned with the University strategic plan. To that end, a series of objectives must be met.

Strategic Team C Charge:  By the end of the first 90 days, the “Aligning Outcomes” team will recommend an oversight Office of Institutional Effectiveness that reports to the President and/or Cabinet, which includes specific responsibilities and accountabilities including, but not limited to, facilitation and monitoring of strategic and action plans such as strategic enrollment management, facilities, infrastructure, personnel, KPIs (key performance indicators), budget allocation models, reward structures, etc.  This office will oversee the University’s strategic plan. Team C will coordinate closely with Team D. The team will create a report that recommends the organizational structure, reporting line(s), function, responsibilities, and accountabilities of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, including the Office of Institutional Research.   The team will provide the report to the Cabinet liaison to take to the President’s Council, the Cabinet and the President. Target goal is April 1, 2013.

In order to achieve this objective, the team may wish to consider:
  • Define, describe, and agree on components of “Metro University”(Use Group B Report).
  • Define the role of the “Office of Institutional Effectiveness”.
  • Inventory examples of closing the loop, (assessment and change/feedback loops).
  • Implementing “program” prioritization for university resources, (Strategic Enrollment Management, Facilities, Infrastructure, Personnel).
  • Identify KPI’s.
  • Identify assessment data needs and metrics for a Metro University and Transformative Learning (after establishing a baseline).
  • Develop evaluation, monitoring, and review systems
  • Communicate data.
  • Identify additional tasks that need to be completed to achieve the objective.