UCO Strategic Direction Team D Objectives
“Aligning our Resources to Serve Strategic Stakeholders”

Strategic Direction Team D has the overall responsibility for creating and monitoring a dynamic strategic plan that identifies a strategy model that works; allows and encourages experimentation; encourages transparent strategic choices while letting data inform decisions.  An essential element in planning is ensuring all resource allocation is aligned with the University strategic plan. To that end, a series of objectives will need to be met.
Strategic Direction Team D Charge:  The “Aligning Resources Strategic Direction” is a subgroup of the “Aligning Outcomes with Mission” strategic direction, Team C.  In order for the strategic plan to be implemented and achieved, strategic plans from across campus must be developed that contribute to the foundation of the University plan.  These organizational plans will offer direction for key areas of University activity, identify University wide objectives and strategies, and inform cost centered operational plans. These plans should be revised progressively through the year.

To ensure that these organizational plans are developed to achieve the University’s strategic directions, this group will compile and review strategic plans from colleges, divisions, and departments.  The group will consist of individuals from around campus who understand and appreciate the operations of the institution, while being able to provide the leadership to ensure that the necessary linkages are achieved. 

In the first 90 days, Team D will:
  • Compile and review the major operational or strategic plans that already exist at UCO;
  • Document who the champions for these operational strategic plans will be;
  • Recommend additional plans that need to be developed;
  • Serve as members of the operational strategic plan teams for support purposes

The team will create a report that describes its findings and recommendations.  The team will provide the report to the Cabinet liaison to take to the President’s Council, the President and his Cabinet. Target goal is April 1, 2013.