Vision 2020 Strategic Direction Teams Charge

The University of Central Oklahoma has embarked upon a wide-scale strategic planning initiative with the intention of moving the University forward through four strategic directions. To facilitate the process and to ensure implementation of objectives, University leadership is sponsoring four teams – one for each strategic direction.

The purpose of the teams is to designate a small group of people who are responsible for convening and coordinating the implementation effort.  Specifically, the team members will:

  1. Convene the team to plan, monitor, review, and report on the progress towards the designated strategic direction.
  2. Identify, research, report, and recommend objectives towards success in achieving the designated strategic direction.
  3. Create sub-teams to work on specific tasks in support of the strategic direction.
  4. Provide oversight for the sub-teams to meet target goals.
  5. Consult with Cabinet liaisons to ensure the designated strategic direction is being met and not overlapping with the work of other strategic direction teams.
To accomplish the objectives, the team should:
  1. Be guided by a team convener who has the responsibility for calling meetings, creating meeting agendas, and coordinating activities and recommendations with the Cabinet liaisons. The convener will monitor the dialogue and responses with the cabinet liaisons to ensure the group’s collective recommendations are heard.
  2. Be guided by a facilitator skilled in decision-making techniques who can successfully guide the team in its deliberative processes. The facilitator, in collaboration with the group, will establish normative operational rules to ensure discussions are inclusive, transparent and civil. Facilitators are empowered to counsel team members privately to ensure they subscribe to the group’s rules.
  3. Select a scribe who will be responsible for taking notes, preparing meeting minutes, and providing documentation of activities being performed by the team.
  4. Report to and work with the Cabinet liaisons to ensure designated strategic direction team objectives are being advanced to the President’s Council and Cabinet for review, revision and adoption, as appropriate.
  5. Thoroughly familiarize itself with the Vision 2020 strategic plan, and UCO mission, vision and values.
  6. Coordinate with Drs. KJ Tullis and Dan Mertens, strategic planning co-coordinators, on appropriate project management software tools and forms to ensure consistency in reporting from work groups. They are available to assist the team in processes and decision-making strategies.
  7. Assign three team members (convener, facilitator, one other) to meet monthly with Drs. KJ Tullis and Dan Mertens to report team progress on achieving planning milestones, and to consult on strategic planning processes.
Cabinet liaisons will:
  1. Serve as a resource to the team, answering questions, being a sounding board, and bringing information from other teams to the designated strategic direction team. Cabinet members are not participants in the group’s activities.
  2. Serve as a liaison with the cabinet to convey information to ensure the team can place the scope of its work within the totality of all institutional planning and considerations.
  3. Take team recommendations, after consideration by the President’s Council, to the Cabinet for discussion and approval, and report on those deliberations to the strategic team.