UCO Strategic Planning Documents Public

Strategic Planning Public

Strategic Planning in General

Arists, Craftsmen, & Technocrats.pdf

Hambrick - Are You Sure You have a Strategy.pdf

Planning Types.pdf

Scanning and Benchmarking - What's the Difference.pdf

So, you think you have a strategy.pdf

The fall and rise of strategic planning.pdf

Strategic Planning Readings

Academic Issues

Academic Mission Etc.pdf


Transformative Learning Brochure.pdf

Budget Issues

Can We Make College Cheaper.pdf


RUSO Request.pdf


Higher Ed ROI Issues



Metro Issues

June 2012.pdf

March 2012.pdf

Metro Commonalities.pdf


UCO TRiO grant information.pdf

PC Products

Strategic Themes Campus Report [PDF]

Strategic Planning Scan Report.pdf

Technology Issues

Red Balloon.pdf

What You Need to Know About MOOC's - Technology - The Chronicle of Higher Education.webarchive

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