Enroll Now For Summer Classes At Central

Get six hours closer to your college degree this summer at the University of Central Oklahoma! Enrollment is now open for hundreds of summer classes. Pick up basics like English, history or foreign language – or have some fun with electives like Ballroom Bootcamp, OKC Contemporary Art Scene and Interior Design for Non-Majors.

Just home in the metro for the summer? Credits transfer to other universities!

Classes for block I start June 1, block II on June 29!

Current UCO Students

Summer 2015 Course Schedule

Enroll for classes through UCONNECT.

Other Students

If you currently or plan to attend another university full-time, you will need to apply to UCO as a "special student" on our online application - not as a "freshman" or "transfer" student. Often, we can approve the application within 24 hours for "special student" status.

Courses that require prerequisites will require a transcript from your current university or high school.

Got questions? Please call 405-974-2727 to speak to one of our friendly staff members who can put you on the right track for enrollment based on your needs!

Apply now to become a UCO student!

Summer 2015 Course Schedule

Enroll for classes through UCONNECT*.

* - You will receive your UCONNECT access upon approval of your application.

Featured Classes

Here are some suggestions to help you knock out some basics or an elective credit this summer! Each of these classes should be open to any student, regardless of major. To register, look for the code when enrolling via UCONNECT.

  • ACM 2000 – Intro to the Music Industry: You’ll feel cooler the minute you enter the classroom learning from industry leaders at UCO’s Academy of Contemporary Music.
  • ART 2000 – OKC Contemporary Art Scene: Impress your friends with your inside knowledge of the metro’s growing contemporary art scene.
  • DANCE 3000 – Ballroom Bootcamp OR Flash Mob: You never know when you’ll need throw down a tango or surprise an unsuspecting group of people in a train station. With these workshops, you’ll be ready.
  • DES 1013 – Interior Design for Non-Majors: It’s so much more than picking the right paint colors.
  • MUS 4910 – History of Rock and Roll: You and your dad will have one more thing to talk about.
  • THRT 1513 – Beginning Acting: Yes, you’re ready for your close-up.
  • ENG 1113 – English Composition: Time to write like a college student.
  • HIST 1483 and 1493 – History of U.S. to 1877/since 1877: Kick it old school – or new school – learning all about the U. S. of A.
  • FLGN 2000 – Elementary Korean; FRCH 1114 - Elementary French; SPAN 1113 – Elementary Spanish: Next summer, you can take a trip!
  • MCOM 1113 – Fundamentals of Speech: Conquer your fear of public speaking!
  • PHIL 1103 – Logic and Critical Thinking:  Taking this class just makes sense.
  • POL 2303 – Intro to World Politics: The daily news will make so much more sense.
  • SOC 2203 – Social Problems: Learn about major problems facing society… and where to look for solutions.