2017 Conference Agenda

Thursday September 28, 2017





Opening Ceremony

Introductions to the Conference

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Laura Belmonte

Laura A. Belmonte is Department Head and Professor of History at Oklahoma State University. She is co-author of Global Americans: A Transnational U.S. History, author of Selling the American Way: U.S. Propaganda and the Cold War, and editor of Speaking of America: Readings in U.S. History. She is currently working on two major projects. The first examines U.S. global policy on HIV/AIDS. The second synthesizes the history of the international LGBT rights movement (Bloomsbury, forthcoming).  She is a member of the U.S. Department of State’s Historical Advisory Committee on Diplomatic Documentation.

*denotes Chair of panel

Panel Chair should introduce their panelists, keep track of time (15-20 minutes per speaker if there are 3 panelists), and facilitate the question and answer period.



Melissa Shelton In Their Words (art exhibition) 

Angela Willis Men in Nursing: Negotiating Touch in Nursing Care (poster presentation)


Teaching Gender in the 21st Century (Room A)

  • Michelle Brockmeier* & Tara K. Hall-We've Come a Long Way Baby: Teaching Gender Studies in a Conservative Realm
  • Anthony Mathieu-Role Call: A Qualitative Study on Gender Reinforcement in Classroom Education
  • Sara Tarpley-Sexuality, Gender, and Identity Resources: Guiding Students to Primary Resources

Gender and Sexuality in Asian Culture (Room B)

  • Maria Grajdian-Gender Acrobatics: The Questionable Liberalism of Popular Culture and the Emergence of Alternative Masculinity Patterns in Late Modern Japan
  • Sky McCullough- Women Warriors of Ancient China
  • Ed Cunliff* & Ashley Riddle- Experiencing Gender and Sexuality with Yin and Yang


Sex, Love and Marriage in Transatlantic Context (Room C)

  • Rowan Steineker*- A Diabolical Passion: Misbehaving Missionaries and Indigenous Resistance in 1830's Indian Territory
  • Erik Huneke- The Reinvention of Marriage? The Age of Marital Consent and Its Discontents in 1950's East Germany
  • Bethany R. Mowry- Like Her Sex, Ever False to Their Word: Women as Deceivers in Atlantic Sailor Songs


Kurdish Women’s Panel (Ballroom D)

  • Fatima Anamaghi- Masturbation Psychological Influence on Kurdish Women
  • Shamsie Salimi Kia- Kurdish Men's Honor View
  • Roya Toloui*- The Hijab among Kurdish Women in Iran
  • Sarah Peltonen- Abortion in East Kurdistan
  • Fereshteh Ebrahimi- Survey of the Effect of FGM on PTSD on Kurdish Women


Gender and Sexuality: Religion and Society (Room A)

  • Katie Pruitt-The Churches’ New Mission: Gay Incorporated
  • Eva Dadlez* and Will Andrews Post-Abortion Syndrome: Pro-Life Fiction

Workshop: Exploring Asexuality (Room B)

  • Sahara Haubert- A Look at the Gray Spectrum

Social Constructions in a National and International Context (Room C)

  • Misbah Shafi- Collaborative Interactional Style and Gender: A Social Constructionist Perspective
  • Mengistu Dagnew*- The Status of Gender-Equality in Awra-Amba Community
  • Kassandra Cisneros- La Negra Tiend Tumbao: Multimodal Resistance Strategies of Afro-Latinas & Other Queer Constructions 



Lunch/Entertainment- Camille Kilbourne


Room A

Valarie Lambert- Workshop Grassroots Feminist Activism


Sexual Discrimination: Then and Now (Room A)

  • Gideon Litherland & Jahaan Abdullah- Self-Exploration of the Experience of the International Oppression: A Roundtable Discussion
  • Nicholas Napolio-Administrative Action against Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Employment: A Study of the EEOC
  • Molly Cardenas*-Transitioning Is Threatening


Queer Constructions: Navigating the Q (Room B)

  • Talgat Zhussipbek- Gender-Segregated or Co-Educational: Students’ and Alumni's Experiences and Perceptions
  • Andy Reza- What Makes Us Safe: An Exploration of LGB Experiences on a College Campus
  • Irissa Baxter*-When is Queer Okay? Navigating the Q in LGBTQ

The Power of Gender Awareness (Room C)

  • John Hitz-The Process of Gender Awareness in ESL
  • Wayne Stein*- The Power of Gender Awareness in Kung Fu Cinema
  • Cia Verschelden-Bandwidth Depletion & Recovery: How Sexism, Heterosexism, Transphobia, and the Rigid Gender Binary Steal Cognitive Capacity, and Strategies for Recovery


Workshop (Ballroom D)

  • Aaron Bachhofer, Elizabeth Boger & Valerie Thompson- The Perils of Prosperity: The Pedagogical Challenges and Opportunities Available in Covering LGBTQ Issues in the 21st-Century Community College Classroom


Gender and Politics (Room A)

  • Kole Kleeman*- Margaret Herrington, J.D, the First Woman Attorney in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma
  • Aaron Bachhofer- The Stonewall Effect: The Helm Bill, Oklahomans for Human Rights, and the Angles Controversy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1975-1982
  • Shazia Salam- Gender, Violence, and Representations: The Sexual Politics of Partition


Education and Transparency: Being Transgender in the 21st Century (Room B)

  • Sydney Conner*-Teaching Voice Lessons to Transgendered Students
  • Samantha Rose-Gay-Straight Alliances and the Empowerment of Transgender Voices
  • Kerry Scroggie- Authenticity and Visibility: Exploring Representations of Transgender Women in Contemporary Media

LGBTQ and Environmental Issues (Room C)

  • Alonso Pena-Seeds of Survival: Queer and Trans People of Color Climate Justice
  • Katrina Lacher*- Green Love: Sustainability and the LGBTQ Community

Love and Health Online: Discussions on Social Media (Room D)

  • Fiona Barclay*- It's Not Luck, It’s Called DISCIPLINE: Exploring Discourses of Fitness and Gender on Social Media
  • Jennifer Haddock- Finding Love Online: The Multiple Dimensions of Relationships on Craigslist


Real Talk: No B.S Sex Ed Round Table Discussion (Room A)

  • Rebecca Young, Hannah Van Horn, & Alexandra Savage- Real Talk: No B.S.


Reproductive Justice: Life in a Red State (Room B)

  • Mickayla Fisher*, Houston Payne, Mikhayla Westbrook, Nicole Smithers -Making a Documentary: Oklahoma’s Reproductive Justice

Life and Death of a Gay Icon (Room C)

  • Brett Sharp*, Nicole Heddy, & Rhonda Beck- Life and Death of a Gay Icon: Dirk Shafer as Power Player in the Politics of Popular Culture

Teaching and Learning about Women’s Historical Experiences at Northeastern State (Ballroom D)

  • Leigh Campbell- Hale, Tiffanie Hardbarger, Farina King, Tyler Teague- Teaching and Learning about Women's Historical Experiences at Northeastern State University


Friday September 29, 2017





Mix and mingle and information about the Center


Drag Culture in the USA (Room A)

  • Stephanie Allen*- Drag in Oklahoma
  • Taylor Phillips- Drag's Role in Destabilizing Gender Conventions
  • Houston Payne- Gender Impersonation and Drag Culture throughout History

Representations of Women and LGBTQ+ in Popular Culture (Room B)

  • Christopher Vian- It Shouldn't be a "Gaytopia" or a Very Special Episode: Problematic Representations of Gay Teens in Young Adult Literature
  • Amanda Pate- Literary Rape in Young Adult Literature
  • Catherine Webster*- If You Didn't Exist I Would Have to Invent You: How and Why Fiction Has Trumped Reality in French Graphic Memoir

Theater and Film: What is Seen and What is Not (Room C)

  • Guillermo Martinez-Sotelo*- Mexican Modern Queer Cinema: What is Seen and What is Not
  • Teresa Mirll- The Flat and the Frigid: The Role of Women in Films
  • Suzania Sharma- Theatre and Drag Identity: A Comparative Study of Gender Performance Tradition in Manipur and in New Zealand


Explorations of Gender: Unlikely Sources (Room A)

  • Larissa Cvach*- Punks, Bulldaggers, and Poor, White Trash: Reading for Alliances across Marginalized Positions in Dorothy Allison's Bastard Out of Carolina and Sapphire's Push
  • Liz Deegan- Rihanna's Celebrity Reconfiguration: A Non-heteronormative Queering of BDSM and Pop Music Video Aesthetics
  • Megan Downing- The Role of Gender Non-Conformity in Cooperation: Evidence from the Prisoner's Dilemma

Literary Discussions of Gender (Room B)

  • Nicholas Brush- Men of a Certain Turn: Senti-mentality and Subversions of the Masculine Body in Laurence Sterne’s Journey
  • Jessica Appleby*- Le genre hetero très curieuse: Biphobia in Le Bleu est une Couleur Chaude
  • Jaclyn Swiderski-From Hysteria to Hysterical: American Reception of The susanBell Jar
  • Lorene Lowe- The Shattered Facets of Oppression: A Comparison of The Handmaid’s Tale and the Taliban Takeover


Gender Bias in the Collegiate/Leadership Model (Room C)

  • Carissa Sanders- Assessing Predictors of Homophobia in Female College Students in a Socially Conservative State






Let’s Talk About Sex: Educational Series (Room A)

  • Erin Dyke & Hilary Coenen- The (Dis)Orientation Guide: Queering the University through Public Pedagogy
  • Nora Gayzur & Victoria James- Let’s Talk about Sex Education: Perceived and Actual Sexual Knowledge and Sexual Education Satisfaction
  • Lorry Youll* and Oluwakemi Olurotimi- Exploring Sources of Sex Education in African American Females: A Qualitative Study

(Room B) Transgressing Gender Boundaries in Classic Asian Literature

  • Susan Spencer*, Session Chair
  • Anh Dinh Wall and Tower: Architecture & Confinement in the Tale Kieu
  • James Keethler Beauty is Only Skin Deep: The Duality of Beauty and the Grotesque in Pu Songlings "The Painted Skin"
  • Jaid Wehrenberg Intro the Fire: Sita as Role Model or Anti Role Model in Valmiki's Ramayana

You Have the Right to Remain Silent. (Room C)

  • Jay Smith- An Analysis of the Gender Issues Surrounding the 2016 Election
  • Sarah Woolwine*- The Pure and the Fallen: Metaphors and Moral Norms Deployed by Purity Culture

Performance Pieces beginning 2:30 (Ballroom D)

  • Marissa Hornpetrie- Where is My Gender? (Storyteller)
  • Jessica Glover- Hunger House: A Series of Poems

3:20pm- 4:35pm

Gender and Apartheid Discussion (Room A)

  • Manna Duah- South African Women and the Early Anti-Apartheid Movement

Sexual Identity Struggles in the World of Sports (Room B)

  • Kim Smith- Eating Disorder Susceptibility of Female Athletes Who Identify as a Sexual Minority
  • Patrick Salkeld- North Carolina's Transphobia- Sports Organization Fight HB2

Patriarchal Structures in the U.S. and Beyond (Ballroom C)

  • Nicole Kammerlocher*- Product of the USA: Making American Masculinity
  • William Price- Punishing the Icy Blondes: A Narrative Analysis of the Theme of the Punishment of Independent Women in the Films of Alfred Hitchcock


Documentary Screenings (Short Films)

  • Hanan Awad- (Room A)
  • Reproductive Justice- (Room B)
  • Herland Sister Resources Documentary (Room C)

Performance Pieces (Ballroom D)

  • Gabi Glidewell and Morgan Brown*- No More: A Physical Exploration of Gender & Sexuality in Political Theatre
  • Riley Gray and Garrett Fuentes-Breaking the Binary (Play)


Saturday September 30, 2017





Featured Speaker: Abed Awad

Abed Awad is a founding partner of Awad & Khoury, LLP located in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. His practice focuses on general civil litigation, including complex matrimonial law, commercial law, Islamic law, and international law.

Mr. Awad has published extensively in various publications including Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Women, New Jersey Law Journal, CNN.com, National Law Journal, North Carolina Lawyers Weekly, and The Nation, among others. Mr. Awad has made more than 200 television and radio appearances as a political and/or legal commentator for numerous media outlets, including The New York Times, ABC, CNN, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Al-Jazeera, the BBC, NPR, French 24 (Arabic), and Al-Arab.


Modern Feminism: Leadership, Identity, and Understanding (Room A)

  • Laura Bolf-Beliveau*- Fourth-Wave Feminism and Young Adult Literature: Finding Millennial Youth
  • Jake Crystal- Lesbian Feminism: Navigating Identity Politics in Queer Graphic Novels
  • Bridget Cuadra- The Interjection of the Female Voice into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

“Hell Hath No Fury Like A Women Scorned”: Redefining “Woman” (Room B)

  • Stephanie Wooley*-What is Woman?
  • Rhonda Hartman- Define Slut

Feminism Is Complicated (Room C)

  • Amanda Liu- Feminism Across Cultures: A Synthesis Using Kate Chopin's The Awakening and Han Kang's The Vegetarian
  • Abbey Connell- When Femininity Equals Weakness, We All Lose. An Analysis of the Perception of Femininity in My Life and in My Community
  • Brenda Chappell*- Social Consequences of Women as Sexual Gate Keepers: Consequences of Our Ideology


Special Victims: A Global Perspective (Room A)

  • Faith Ehiemua- Oath-Taking in Sex Trafficking: A Duty-Based Approach
  • *Dina Hassan- The Use of Women's Body in Politics: The Female Body as a Medium of the Authoritative Discourse. A Comparative Study Iran and Saudi Arabia since 1980's

Women: The World’s Original Commodity (Room B)

  • Edy Ritt-Coulter*- Capitalizing the Black Womb
  • Carly Montgomery- Trickle-Down Violence Against Women

Gender, Class, and Sexuality (Room C)

  • Meaghan Loraas*- The Worst Things
  • Paul Grosskopf- Weaving the Web of Sisterhood with Telephone Wires; Modernity, Collectivism, and the Disruption of the Class-Based Positions of the Rural Housewives in Willa Cather’s A Lost Lady and Susan Glaspell’s Trifles
  • Shelby Button-Annie Sprinkle and Advanced Sex Education



Lunch Ballroom D


Storytelling and the Human Body (Room A)

  • Raistland Valenzuela- The Stigma and Mechanisms of HIV
  • Ambre Chambers*- Human Papilloma Virus: My Story
  • Lindsey Churchill, Rachelle Franz, Amanda Keese, & Shonna Covin- Sexual Health Education in Oklahoma

Raising Today’s Youth: Parental Rights and Decisions (Room B)

  • Laura Dumin* & Ashley Barrett- Breastfeeding Study
  • Erin Wood- Single Parenting Styles, Gender Conformity, and Child Risk-Taking Behaviors
  • Oraynab Jwayyed-  Single Mothers Face Financial Uncertainty


Issues of Gender, Sexuality, and Violence (Room A)

  • Andy Traxler- General Butt Naked & His Child Soldiers
  • Justin Bionat- Effects of Total War Policies on (LBGNC) Women in Rural Philippines

Visions of Gender through History (Room B)

  • Bianca Martucci-Fink- Through the Eyes of Judith: Lavinia Fontana’s Innovative use of Self-Portraiture

Gender and Sexuality: Moving beyond a Western Lens (Ballroom C)

  • Margaret McCowen*- Leonora Carrington and Surrealist Artists in Mexico
  • Jeffrey Acosta- Voces de Mujeres: An Analysis of the Impact Women Had on the Salvadoran Civil War of 1980-1992
  • Henry Huynh- Reviving the Beauty of Nandan