Masonic Endowment for Transformative Learning Award

The University of Central Oklahoma Foundation received a $100,000 gift July 14, 2010 from The Masonic Fraternity of Oklahoma. The gift established the Masonic Endowment for Transformative Learning Award. This award annually recognizes one or more UCO programs or initiatives that develop, encourage, pursue, conduct, or otherwise support transformative learning opportunities for UCO students.

Nomination Procedures:

  • nominations were due by April 15, 2019 and will be awarded in August 2019
  • 2019 nomination details
  • 2020 nomination details will be posted in late 2019

Past Winners:

2013-14: Central Pantry (Sharra Hynes)

2014-15: Peer Health Leaders Program (Brittney Criswell)

2015-16: Forensic Science Living-Learning Community (Cait Porterfield, Sam Kramer)


  • 1st place: UCO Nursing Program STLR Projects: Community Making a Difference Capstone project and Care of the Vulnerable Individual Life Review project; Pam Rollins and Kathy Smith; $2530
  • 2nd place: Generations Learning Together: An Intergenerational Center for Three Generations; Glee Bertram, LaDonna Atkins, Kaye Sears; $1150
  • 3rd place: UCO Dietetic Internship; Tiffany Hull; $920


  • 1st place: Generation Citizen; Marc Goulding, Justin Olmstead, David Terry, Rachel Watson, John Wood; $6000
  • 2nd place: The Hispanic Success Initiative; Liliana Renteria Mendoza, Kristi Archuleta, MeShawn Conley, Stevie Johnson, Guillermo Martinez Sotelo, Luis Montes; $2700
  • 3rd place: The UCO Office of Sustainability; Eric Hemphill; $2200

 Photo of the Masonic Fraternity representatives and winners of the 2018 Masonic TL Awards

John Logan, Masonic Charity Foundation Executive Director, and Julie Toben, Masonic Charity Foundation CFO, congratulate the 2018 Masonic TL Award winners. 

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