Transformative Learning Conference

2011 Tranformative Learning Conference: Learning for Change
April 20, 2011

The goal of the 2011 Tranformative Learning Conference: Learning for Change is to generate and publish ideas about how higher education will address, teaching and learning in an era of rapid cultural and economic change. Rather than a show-and-tell of what people are currently doing, this is an authoring conference that aims to publish ideas originating from six discussion groups based on the six tenets of Transformative Learning, identified in UCO’s long-term goals.

How will this conference work:
This is an authoring conference. Unlike other conferences in which participants either make panel presentations or simply attend as spectators, ‘Learning for Change: 2011 Transformative Learning Conference’ asks conferees to play one of several roles in the conference: Provocateur, Moderator, Writer, Co-author or Conferee.

Six main stage presenters, one per topic, launch the conference work with a series of challenging presentations. The conference committee has selected these distinguished presenters for their insight into forces affecting the future roles and challenges for higher education.

Scholars and educators in their own right, six moderators keep things moving in the authoring/discussion sessions. It is their job to elicit comments and critical perspectives from co-authors and to direct discussion to some resolution that can be captured in written articles. The conference committee has selected these individuals from our campus community who have shown commitment and leadership in the six tenets of transformative learning.

Six writers, members of the campus community with an active publication record are assigned to the topical groups. Their role is to distill core ideas; report on the diversity or similarity of opinion; and position the discussion within the current discourse on higher education and transformative learning. The writers report out what they hear at the end of the conference and follow up with published articles.

Co-authors/Discussion Group Members:
Selected by peer review, co-authors participate in one of the six authoring sessions, based on perspectives submitted in a prospectus. Co-authors join their topic provocateur, moderator and writer in a one and a half hour session to discuss and debate the topic. To apply to be a co-author please submit a 500 word prospectus discussing your point of view and intended topics of discussion at the session.

Non-authoring conferees not only attend all main stage provocations, but also have the opportunity to attend as many as two-three authoring. This allows non-authoring conferees to sample the conference content and to compare notes with other conferees. Conferees are also free to comment on discussions and ask questions at various sessions.

Poster Presentations:
Poster presentations will be on display in the 19th Hole, Nigh University Center on April 20th, 2011.

All conference participants including moderators, writers and conferees must register to attend. A submission of a prospectus to be considered for a co-author/discussion member role in the conference does not also serve as your registration.

Questions and Comments:
For general enquiries regarding this conference, please contact: or 405.974.5570/

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