UCO Transformative Learning Conference 2014

Implementing an Integrative Experience: March 28, 2014
With Exciting Pre-conference Activities and Workshops March 27, 2014

Nigh University Center, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK


"…We hope you’ll join us to share the experience and wisdom from your work and participate in discussions with colleagues about what they have learned and the questions that they have going forward. In a world so replete with information and in which the problems seem so overwhelming, students are asking for a college experience in which they not only learn about things but learn how to think and reason so that they can do something about things. To engage them in this process of deep learning and empowerment, we need to be constant learners ourselves. We hope you’ll join us in this conversation." - excerpt from "TL conference 2014" by Cia Verschelden Ph.D.

 Transformative Learning Conference 2014 Keynote Presenters


Dr. Melissa Peet

Transformative Learning usually requires students to reflect on their experiences in order to bring to conscious awareness the realizations that lead to perspective expansion or awareness. Dr. Melissa Peet is a leading thinker and researcher who is currently exploring the role tacit knowledge (unconscious and informal ways of knowing) plays in the development of leaders, innovators and extraordinary practitioners across several fields and disciplines. Her research focuses on understanding the types of knowledge, curricula, and learning methods that support students in becoming these kinds of effective leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents. One result of her research is a method of integrative learning that supports students in connecting, reflecting on, and synthesizing knowledge and skills from all areas of life. She has recently developed a methodology, Generative Knowledge Interviewing, for retrieving the tacit knowledge that exists within people — from novices to experts — and is in the process of integrating this methodology with the Integrative Knowledge Portfolio Process on campuses across the country.


Dr. Melissa Peet, Keynote Speaker
Dr. Melissa Peet, conference keynoter, Director of Integrative Learning and Knowledge Management
University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

Dr. Dan Glisczinski

"I am as sick of boring presentations as you are," admitted Medina (2008, p. 93), explaining how the typical academic lecture embodies the antithesis of scholarly, brain-rich teaching and learning (to say nothing of Transformative Learning!). In contrast to what Kohn (1999, p. 218) decried as the "mind numbing" monotony of even the most well-intended academic monologues, Medina explained that brains retain lessons learned through concrete experiences with emotionally cogent and relevant stimuli. Are such research-based insights the . . .

Hello colleagues. Thanks for reading this essay. I'm Dan Glisczinski, and I'm convinced we educators have an amazing profession working together with students to construct understanding. Since earning degrees in English, teaching, and education policy from St. John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota and the University of Minnesota, I've worked as a wilderness educator, high school teacher, middle school teacher, elementary school principal, and college faculty. I'm presently an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota - Duluth, where I teach education psychology, technology, and policy with undergraduates and graduate students. I get excited about studying transformative learning experiences, as these expand our understandings of life's possibilities and purposes.

Dr. Dan Glisczinski, Keynote Speaker
Dr. Dan Glisczinski, conference keynoter, University of Minnesota - Duluth

Education Psychology, Technology, and Policy

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