2017 Transformative Learning Conference

STLR Institute: Measuring Beyond-Disciplinary Learning Inside and Outside of the Classroom

March 7, 2018 
University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK

Drawing upon evidence-based research, High-Impact Practices (HIPs), Transformative Learning, and authentic assessment tools, the University of Central Oklahoma’s Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR, http://stlr.uco.edu)* is a non-proprietary model with a proven track record for increasing retention, student academic achievement, and workforce readiness. Other institutions that have adopted and adapted STLR to their missions, cultures, and specific needs are now finding this to be true for them, too, whether they call the process “STLR” on their campuses or name the process something more suited to their branding. This pre-conference institute will gather interested institutional teams to learn about the STLR initiative.

CETTL and STLR facilitators will cover:

  • the STLR framework of operationalizing Transformative Learning on a campus-wide scale using a collaborative, cross-campus, silo-breaking model;
  • how UCO measures and assesses student development of beyond-disciplinary skills and experience in both the curriculum and co-curriculum, with faculty and staff all using the same rubrics, which are based on the Association of American Colleges & University’s development of the VALUE rubrics (Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education) as part of the LEAP (Liberal Education and America’s Promise) Program for preparing students with an “education for a world of unscripted problems (AAC&U, 2017)”;
  • how the STLR tracking system works, including a Learning Management System (D2L) demonstration;
  • the resulting STLR Snapshot and ePortfolio;
  • how STLR built faculty buy-in and trained faculty and staff side-by-side;
  • the importance of building well-written student critical reflection prompts that help students integrate and articulate their learning for future interviews, jobs, graduate schools, the community, and family (i.e., for “life”);
  • impressive retention and achievement data results through 3+ years of STLR implementation; and,
  • insights gained/lessons learned.

Facilitators from Western Carolina University (North Carolina, USA) and Massey University (New Zealand), who have adapted STLR’s setup for their campuses, will share:

  • what steps they took to adapt the STLR model to their own institutional needs; and,
  • lessons learned from their experience so far.

Picture of Arthur Salido"Western Carolina University adapted STLR into what we call DegreePlus as a way to teach valuable skills that employers need, increase student involvement in campus activities, and improve student learning and engagement. DegreePlus launched Fall 2017, and we’ve been able to take ideas from how UCO deploys STLR and customize them to our needs, mission, branding, and goals for student success."

     --- Arthur Salido, Exec Dir for Community and Economic Engagement & Innovation

"Massey University has adapted STLR into Kahurei as a way to allow all our studentsPicture of Sarah Leberman to develop themselves in a holistic manner as reflective practitioners, by creating their unique ‘adorned cloak’. Kahurei acknowledges Massey as a Tiriti-led university within Aotearoa New Zealand. Our discovery project launched in Semester 2, 2017, and we’ve been able to take ideas from how UCO deploys STLR and customize them to our needs, mission, branding, and goals for student success."

     --- Sarah Leberman, Dean, Academic; Research, Academic and Enterprise

The Institute is a workshop style format, with hands-on, interactive components, case scenarios, and group work time.

Institutional team time will be built into the Institute program to allow participants to conceptualize a plan of implementation or framework at their home institutions.

Teams will be able to consult with Institute facilitators about their own plans or models during team time. In addition to STLR Institute staff, UCO STLR faculty, Student Affairs staff, and IT staff will be available for answering questions or suggestions (such as how to get faculty or administrative buy-in; how co-curricular groups, events, and projects work within the framework and document the learning; how the program works in the LMS behind the scenes; etc.)

Attendees will present their plans for implementation, or next steps, during the 2018 Transformative Learning Conference, March 8-9 in Oklahoma City, OK.

*There’s no licensing fee or any proprietary ownership connected with STLR, which was scaled up with the support of a U.S. Department of Education Title III Strengthening Institutions Program grant.
Hosted by the University of Central Oklahoma