2017 Transformative Learning Conference

2018 Transformative Learning Conference

March 8-9, 2018
Downtown Oklahoma City, OK

March 7, 2018, Pre-Conference Institute, Edmond, OK

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“Student Engagement & Deep Learning:
Prompting, Measuring, & Documenting”

John Tagg

Emeritus Professor of Palomar College
"Learning to Change,
Changing to Learn"

John Tagg will give a Thursday plenary session on “Learning to Change, Changing to Learn”
and an afternoon workshop on
“Learning from Our Mistakes: Seeking Desirable Difficulties for Ourselves and for Our Students".

Photo of Peter_Felten

Peter Felten

Asst. Provost for Teaching & Learning and Executive Director of the Center for Engaged Learning at Elon University
“Partnering with Students For Transformative Learning”

Dr. Felten will give a Friday plenary session on “Partnering with Students for Transformative Learning” and an afternoon workshop on "Viewing Transformative Learning through the Lens of SoTL”

Pre-Conference STLR Institute

“Measuring Beyond-Disciplinary Learning Inside and Outside of the Classroom”

March 7, 2018
UCO Campus

In 2018 the TL Conference will be offering a pre-conference institute entitled STLR Institute: Measuring Beyond-Disciplinary Learning Inside and Outside of the Classroom, which is designed to assist campus- and system-based teams in conceptualizing, implementing, tracking and assessing students’ beyond-disciplinary learning, skills, and experiences during their time in college.

The institute will be led by UCO’s Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching & Learning (CETTL). The speakers and facilitators of the sessions will include faculty and staff from UCO who are building and using STLR, as well as faculty/staff from Western Carolina University (North Carolina, USA) and Massey University (New Zealand) who have adapted STLR’s setup for their campuses.

"Western Carolina University adapted STLR into what we call DegreePlus as a way to teach valuable skills that employers need, increase student involvement in campus activities, and improve student learning and engagement. DegreePlus launched Fall 2017, and we’ve been able to take ideas from how UCO deploys STLR and customize them to our needs, mission, branding, and goals for student success."

--- Arthur Salido, Exec Dir for Community and Economic Engagement & Innovation

By the end of the Institute, participants should be able to:

  • Communicate to internal and external constituencies what the STLR model process is and does, and why its value-add is compelling
  • Share results of successful STLR implementation at multiple institutions in illustration of adaptability to different institutional types and cultures
  • Implement at least two proven messaging techniques to obtain faculty buy-in
  • Describe multiple accrediting agencies' embrace of STLR (both institutional and programmatic accreditation)
  • Prepare an overview of the STLR model, process, tools, & training as adapted to one's home institution

The Institute program is ideal for institutions at various stages of work, and it addresses ambitious goals for improving retention, quality of student learning, and better assessment tracking and practices for both internal and external campus evaluation. We hope you’ll join us!

UCO's STLR Graduate

At the University of Central Oklahoma students receive colored graduation cords in the colors of the tents that constitute the skills and attributes beyond disciplinary learning (i.e., Global & Cultural Competencies; Health & Wellness: Leadership; Research, Creative & Scholarly Activities; and Service Learning & Civic Engagement).

Hosted by the University of Central Oklahoma


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