STLR Assessment Rubric

Assessment of Transformative Learning at the University of Central Oklahoma is accomplished with the STLR Rubric. Faculty and professional staff intentionally create learning activities and environments designed to expand students’ perspectives about themselves and others so that they understand the benefits of developing perspectives and life skills while they are in college and afterwards as life-long learners. The trained faculty or staff supervisor uses the STLR Rubric to evaluate the student's progress in the associated Central Six Tenet(s). The assessment helps guide a standardized rating of the student's achievement towards Transformative Learning and is documented in their Transformative Learning record.

The STLR Rubric is based on VALUE rubrics created by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, where possible. Rubrics for Health & Wellness and Leadership, for which no VALUE rubrics exist, have been constructed in a similar fashion and with the same rating scale as for VALUE rubrics. The VALUE rubrics were developed by approximately 200 faculty from around the U.S., from many disciplines, and from many different institutions. Our STLR Rubric was developed by 20 UCO faculty and assessment personnel. 

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