Faculty/Staff Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

How can I get involved?

There are four ways for faculty/staff to plug-in to STLR: Host a STLR event, tag a STLR course assignment, sponsor a student group with a STLR-tagged artifact opportunity, and/or Supervise an independent TL Student Project. See details on our How STLR Works page. Your first step is to get trained (stipend available).

After my STLR training, do I have to get every STLR-tagged activity approved?

Yes. STLR-trained faculty and staff submit requests to STLR-tag course assignments, events, non-STLR-funded independent projects, and student groups, and should hear back with an approval or request for edits within a couple of days. If a proposal for a STLR-funded project is approved, it is automatically approved for STLR-tagging.

Do I have to be a part of STLR?

No, this is a completely optional program. Our goal is to have at least one STLR-tagged assignment in every course by the end of the federal grant currently supporting much of STLR (September 2019), but this is not mandatory. We are confident that student demand, faculty enthusiasm, and the positive results of this program will drive its integration into UCO curricula, culture, and practice.

What is the STLR rubric used to evaluation student artifacts?

The STLR rubric was collaboratively constructed following the AAC&U VALUE rubric model. It allows the STLR-trained instructors/supervisors to evaluate students' artifacts at three levels: Exposure, Integration, and Transformation and gives criteria for each of those for 5 of UCO's Central Six Tenets. Discipline Knowledge isn't included, because the UCO academic transcript records that already. Faculty/Staff learn more at STLR training.

Student TL Project Questions:

Can my student be paid both by STLR and through an OHIP-RCSA grant?

Yes, students who are receiving an RCSA grant through the Office of High Impact Practice may also apply for TL Student Project monies to work additional hours on that, or other, projects. You'll just need to be aware of University/Federal policies on the number of hours students are allowed to work (depending on student status, international status, etc.). Also note that you can, and should, STLR-tag your OHIP-funded project with RCSA and other relevant tenets.

Are STLR project monies available to pay for travel?

No, federal monies for this grant are used to pay students their hourly wage to complete TL Student Projects, and may not be used for travel.

Are STLR project monies available to pay for supplies?

Yes, there is a separate line of money available through the STLR grant to pay for supplies and equipment that will be used for TL Student Projects. When available, monies can be requested at our competition site.

How are TL Student Project proposals evaluated?

Each project proposal is evaluated by one STLR staff member and by two members of the Transformative Learning Steering Committee using a standardized rubric. More information about review criteria is found on the supporting documents of our competition site.

Will STLR fund graduate and undergraduate students?

Yes, both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to receive funding for TL Student Projects, and to receive STLR "credits" in any activities. Priority funding, however, is to undergraduate students part of the grant's priority subpopulations.


Still Have Questions?

We look forward to being on this Transformative Learning journey with you. Fill out our STLR Interest Form. Or, contact: 
Jeff King, Exec. Dir., CETTL | Camille Farrell, Mark Walvoord, and Brenton Wimmer, Assistant Directors, STLR

or anyone on the larger STLR Project Committee who, together, made STLR happen.