Student: Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a STLR student?

All UCO students are STLR students! You participate in STLR by taking a class with a STLR assignment, attending a STLR-tagged campus event or location and swiping in, being elected/chosen for a student group with STLR ties, or completing an out-of-class student project. See more details here

How do I find classes with STLR assignments?

When faculty let us know about one or more STLR-tagged class assignments, we list them here. But, we hope in the near future, you'll be able to search/filter all course offerings at UCO using software called College Scheduler to find courses with STLR assignments.

How do I find events that are STLR-tagged?

Check out the STLR-tagged events feed for an updated list, but also watch for advertising from all the groups across campus. They should have the STLR logo, a tenet icon logo, and/or mention us in the text of their advertising. 

How do I propose a TL Student Project?

  1. Come up with an idea, in discussion with your potential faculty/staff supervisor, for a project that would take between 1 day and 1 year to complete.
  2. Determine one or more of the UCO Central Six Tenets (beyond Discipline Knowledge) through which you think this project would help you grow.
  3. Submit your TL Project Proposal online.

Can I follow, like, retweet, and share STLR's social media?

YES, we'd love for you to follow us, like our posts, retweet/share our posts, and give us feedback on our social media platforms. We're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as ucostlr.  

What are the goals of STLR?

  • Increase the number of transformative learning experiences available to UCO Bronchos
  • Provide a way for Bronchos to record their transformative learning experiences and present them to future employers, graduate schools, and scholarship committees 
  • Increase the placement of graduating Bronchos in graduate schools and jobs
  • Graduating UCO students who engage, contribute, and succeed as citizens in the OKC metropolitan area, and beyond that, stay connected to Central as alumni

How can I track my STLR progress?

You can login to the STLR Snapshot page at to view and build your STLR Snapshot.

You can also check your progress on your Dashboard, linked at the top of D2L ( 

What can I do to highlight my STLR experiences?

You can login to the STLR Snapshot page at to view and build your STLR Snapshots, where you highlight your most transformative experiences. You can export this to include with your resume or cover letter, or to print and take to job interviews.

For an even richer output, compile examples of your stellar work in your D2L ePortfolio file repository. All over D2L, you'll find "push to ePortfolio" links. Click on those to push any and all of your amazing work...and do it before the semester ends when you lose access to those courses. You can tag these files, so that they'll be easier to search later when you're building your ePortfolio presentations. The Technology Resource Center offers student training on building ePortfolios and the UCO Career Development Center can review your ePortfolio presentations. Then, just share these ePortfolio Presentation links in your job applications, cover letters, and resumes. 

How can I earn STLR graduation cords?

If one of your STLR instructors/supervisors assesses one of your artifacts as showing great evidence of Transformation in one or more tenets, you'll be eligible to receive a graduation cord of that tenet's color. This means your worldview, perspective, values, or identity has completely changed because of the learning experience they provided. You'll be invited to a STLR Cording Ceremony just prior to graduation, where you'll get your cord; or, if you can't attend, you'll be able to pick up your cord(s) from our office to wear at your college's graduation ceremony.


Still Have Questions or Requests?

Fill out our STLR Interest Form. Or, contact us at
Jeff King, Executive Director, CETTL | Camille Farrell, Mark Walvoord, & Brenton Wimmer, Assistant Directors, STLR