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Examples of STLR Activities, Assignments, and Projects

STLR assesses and records exposure, integration, and transformation in all of UCO's Central 6 tenets, except Discipline Knowledge. Discipline Knowledge growth is assessed within courses and recorded on the student's traditional, academic transcript. Students have opportunities for growth across those 5, STLR-assessed tenets through:

  1. STLR-tagged events/groups
  2. STLR-tagged class assignments
  3. Transformative Learning (TL) student projects

For instance:

  1. Each year, UCO has an Earth Day event on or around April 22nd at UCO's Broncho Lake. They have STLR-tagged this event with the Service Learning & Civic Engagement (SLCE) tenet, because people attending any part of the day are exposed to issues that directly affect society (storm water treatment, composting and recycling to reduce waste in landfills, etc.).  Students find the large SLCE banner, swipe-in using their UCO ID card, and are automatically given "Exposure-level" credit in SLCE on their Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR).
  2. In a section of Biology II, Dr. Rebecca Williams has students watch a TED talk about the declining population of bees and how this affects our agricultural yields. Students then use some prompts to write up a reflection paper related to Service Learning & Civic Engagement (SLCE) and Health & Wellness (H&W) tenets.  Dr. Williams assesses their papers in the course's D2L Dropbox using the STLR Rubric for those two tenets, and they receive "Exposure-" or Integration-level" STLR credits. 
  3. Drs. Elizabeth Overman and Marc Goulding worked with students to setup a project called the "Oklahoma Lynching Research Project" through which they are being paid an hourly wage, and potentially getting "Transformation-level" STLR credit on their final paper/reflection in the Research, Creative & Scholarly Activities (RCSA) tenet. Read about the experience of a couple of these students in an eNewsletter article from January 2016