STLR Marketing

Digital assets are available for the marketing of STLR-approved events, assignments, and projects. Use of these logos, both the trademarked STLR logo and the 6 tenet icons, are governed by our Style Guide in order to maintain the branding and quality of this program. Please read over this guide and contact us with any questions.

We have also produced, for STLR marketing:

  • flyers for promoting STLR,
  • videos summarizing the program,
  • pictures of STLR-tagged events and student projects,
  • examples of STLR-tagged activities on campus,
  • a STLR Newsletter sent to TL Student Project students; view the May 2017 and March 2017 editions,
  • and links and references to presentations and papers presented about STLR at local, regional, and national conferences. 

STLR-Tagged Activities

Students can gain skills across UCO's Central 6 tenets at various STLR-tagged activities. We encourage faculty/staff to let us know about what assignments, groups, and events they are STLR-tagging, and we encourage you to follow us on social media for updates, photos, and more information about these activities!