Flyers and Photographs

These photographs of STLR-tagged events and assignments should help give you a sense of the diversity and importance of what STLR helps promote. In addition, we have several different flyers for different audiences that we hope will give you snapshots of the history, definition, goals, and outcomes of STLR at UCO.



Photo of UCO students and faculty holding up a UCO flag in front of a building in Uganda  Photo of 2 UCO students and a Shoals Marine Lab staff looking at a specimen

Students in Uganda on a Study Tour that included a STLR-tagged assignment (left); students paid by STLR to do a Marine Prefossilization project in Maine (right). Summer 2016

 Interns work on a development activity  InternUCO students for 2015-2016 put their hooves up!

These students were paid to work on a various STLR projects as a part of Intern UCO during the 2015-2016 academic year.

STLR Employer Advisory board attendees  STLR Employer Advisory setup, August 2015

This group of Oklahoma City employers meets regularly to give input on how STLR can help UCO graduates get hired.

Little Event service for Success Central class assignment  Community Garden service for Success Central class project

Students in the Success Central course work on their STLR-tagged service learning assignments. Fall 2015