STLR Snapshot

STLR Snapshot

The STLR Snapshot acts like a second transcript, to display students' in- and out-of-class transformative learning experiences.

The Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) is a campus-wide framework through which students' in- and out-of-class experiences are measured and recorded. The STLR Snapshot is the way students can highlight these experiences to share with graduate schools, potential employers, or others. 

Students can customize and save different versions of these Snapshots, thereby highlighting certain tenets (areas) of growth or certain experiences under each. Further, any of those saved versions may be printed as unofficial copies or ordered as official copies through the University of Central Oklahoma's (UCO's) software partner, Parchment. Only experiences that have been assessed by STLR-trained faculty and staff appear on these official Snapshot pages, so they carry the same weight as an academic transcript through our Academic Records office. 

How can students get started? 

All UCO students are "STLR Students." That is, they all have the ability to earn STLR credits through class assignments, event attendance, undertaking out-of-class projects, joining student clubs, or visiting STLR locations. Get started by: 

  1. Connecting to STLR activities
  2. Building your STLR Snapshot page(s); you can even get help from a Career Coach
  3. Ordering, printing, or saving your STLR Snapshot page
  4. Sharing your Snapshot with graduate schools, employers, and others (see some great tips)


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