Transformative Experiences in Our Students' Own Words

Transformative Learning is a personal process for each UCO student. These students have shared their transformative experiences in hopes of inspiring transformation in others.

"Spring Break was the BEST week of my life... I was fortunate enough to go on Alternative Spring Break here at UCO..."   --Hunter Scott

"I have learned a great deal of pure character and 100% appreciation of those that are less fortunate. I have learned to look at my life as a reflection of what I choose to do. "  --Andre' Sachs 

"The service learning project taught me to open up and be more interactive with people. There is a whole new life I feel for me...I want to prove to myself that I am smarter and capable of succeeding. --Brandon Graves

"The service learning project allowed me to relate concepts in the classroom to the real world. I got to experience first hand how management works; it is not as easy everyone may think. It was a good experience for my future, and it taught me everything I couldn't learn in the classroom."-- Melissa Neher

"The service learning project had a profound effect on me as an employee. It made me realize that you should be working for a company in which you have full confidence in and work well with people at each level of the company. I also realized that I want to work somewhere I can make a difference in someone else's life. Overall it was a great experience that I will keep with me for years." --Jay Adams

"The service learning project truly has changed me, as a person, for the better. Contributing to the community has given me a sense of gratification and self-worth that can only come from helping others...I plan on staying very actively involved with the charity that I worked with during my service learning project. Change the world, one person at a time!" --Charissa Ayneser

"The service learning project has brought so much awareness to my attention. It has taught me the meaning of giving, learning, following and leading. It has opened my heart up and spread this on to others in hope that they can too achieve a whole lot when starting from nothing."-- Alexia Rass

"As a participant in this semester's UCO Charity Apprentice, I learned a lot about what it means to actually manage a group of individuals. It takes a lot of time, effort, and self-motivation. I was able to see our hard work transform into something bigger-something more meaningful than just a class project. The help we gave superseded the fact that we required to do the project for a grade. It was a good learning experience." --Chelsea Ahlgrim