College of Education and Professional Studies

Master of Education in Elementary Education

The Elementary Education program is designed to provide a more advanced program of study for teachers in Elementary School settings.

The student will be required to demonstrate a basic knowledge of educational research including: research procedures, and methods; sources and formats utilized for presenting education research; critical review of research reports; and the preparation and defense of a research proposal.

The curriculum is designed to provide an individualized program of study based on the student's experience and professional goals. The student will be required to demonstrate their knowledge in the following areas: curriculum theory and development; theoretical basis of instructional practices; current practices, innovations, and trends in various subjects; current instructional materials; norm-referenced and criterion-referenced evaluation of pupils' progress including development, use, interpretation, and reporting; social class and cultural background differences among students and their implications; methods of developing and implementing instructional programs for culturally different pupils; historical development of elementary education in America; the impact of society and social change on the educational process; and major philosophical views of education and their relation to educational theory and practice.

Student Learning Objectives