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Oklahoma Elementary Math Specialist

Beginning Fall 2013, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction will offer graduate courses for Oklahoma Elementary Math Specialist.  Courses will be offered each semester, including summer classes.

Prospective students must have a valid ECED or ELED teaching certificate and at least two years teaching experience in a PK-5 classroom (will need letter from principal).  In order to receive certification, all 18 hours (six courses) must be successfully completed. 

Teachers can obtain a master’s degree and the additional certification. Twelve of the 18 hours will count in the master’s program as electives, which leaves only two more classes to complete, making it possible to graduate with both a master’s and math specialist certification.

Course Descriptions

ELED 5513 - Algebra & Mathematical Tasks PK-5

This course focuses on algebraic literacy of elementary teachers and the integration of algebraic reasoning throughout the elementary student experience as well as the creation and implementation of elementary level mathematical tasks.

ELED 5523 - Geometry and Spatial & Learning Trajectories PK-5

This course hones in on the content and complexities of teaching and learning geometry and spatial visualization in grades PreK-5.  The course will also examine the learning trajectories that support developing mathematical concepts and skills. Course content will include geometric properties and relationships, visualization and spatial reasoning, transformational and coordinate geometries, and geometric constructions and modeling.

ELED 5533 - Number Concepts & Assessment PK-5

This course focuses on the analysis and construction of effective mathematical tasks in teaching number systems and operations at the PK-5 level. Attention is also given to the expansion of content knowledge and issues related to assessment.

ELED 5543 - Teaching Measurement & Data Analysis PK-5

This course focuses on statistical literacy of elementary teachers and the teaching of data analysis and measurement of K-5 students.  Emphasis is placed on the use of technology to enhance student learning.

ELED 5553 - Rational Number, Proportional Reasoning & Classroom Interaction

Rational number concepts, proportional reasoning, and classroom interactions (PK-5) focuses on teaching rational number concepts and developing proportional reasoning skills for PK-5 classroom.  Attention is also given to learning methods which facilitate appropriate classroom interactions.

ELED 5563 - Mathematics Leadership & Coaching PK-5

This course focuses on the development of skills and knowledge for school mathematics program design and leadership, and for coaching other teaching professionals in mathematics teaching.  Prerequisite(s): 12 hours selected from the following: ELED 5513, 5523, 5533, 5543, 5553.

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