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Oklahoma Gifted Education Specialist Certification

Beginning Fall 2013, the Department of Educational Sciences, Foundations & Research (ESFR) will offer graduate courses for Oklahoma Gifted Education Specialist (OGES). All courses will be offered fully online.



Course Description:

ESFR  5413  (3 hours)  Foundations of Gifted Education:

The purpose of this course is to introduce concepts and techniques for providing differentiated educational strategies for gifted and talented students. The historical and cultural foundation of gifted education programs provides a framework to examine different types of current-day gifted education programs, characteristics and identification procedures of gifted students, and gifted education theory and pedagogy. In addition, this course examines relevant state and federal polices related to gifted and talented education.

ESFR  5423  (3 hours)  Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted:

The purpose of this course is to focus on developing teachers’ professional knowledge bases, critical decision-making competencies and leadership skills, as well as professional dispositions related to the special social and emotional characteristics and needs of gifted learners. As such, students will develop their knowledge and understanding of gifted learners’ social and emotional needs in school, family and community contexts, consider the potential for using counseling and other social interactions to support the complex socio-emotional and developmental characteristics that distinguish gifted learners as they confront the challenges of developing their own knowledge and skills in academic and other settings.

ESFR  5433 (3 hours)  Curriculum Design for Gifted Education:

The focus of this course is the design of curriculum for students who are gifted, talented, or creative. The course provides an overview of teaching/learning techniques, strategies, methods and scope and sequence to enrich, expand, differentiate, and/or accelerate curriculum. Major models for gifted education including the Integrated Curriculum Model, commonly used in gifted education, will be explored.

ESFR  5443  (3 hours)   Identification and Assessment for Gifted Education:

This course examines broad concepts of intelligence and assessment and provides techniques to identify gifted, talented and creative students. Participants will develop a working knowledge of assessment techniques and will develop awareness of the influences of language, culture, ethnicity, gender, and exceptionality on recognition and subsequent identification of giftedness from multiple perspectives.

ESFR  5453  (3 hours) Leadership for Gifted Education:

This course examines public policy impact on gifted education as well as the skills required to implement communication, collaboration, and consultation in the area of gifted education. The development of leadership and communication skills in teachers of the gifted, talented, and creative are aligned with best practices in gifted education.

PTE  5900   Practicum in Teacher Education – for Gifted Education:

Prerequisites: ESFR 5413, ESFR 5423, ESFR 5433 (Transfer credit evaluated on an individual basis).  

Credit will vary from 1 to 4 hours. Subject matter will vary within the department’s field of study.

Contact Information:

Dr. Linda Rittner
Department of Educational Sciences, Foundations & Research
University of Central Oklahoma
Campus phone:  405-974-3488