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Master of Education in Secondary Education

General Information

Advancing Pedagogical Skills for Traditionally and Alternatively Certified Teachers

The M. Ed. in Secondary Education program is based on the College of Education and Professional Studies’ conceptual framework—to prepare outstanding professionals who are reflective, responsive, and resourceful throughout their professional careers—and is based on the Five Core Propositions of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

Student Learning Objectives

Contact and Admissions Information

Career Opportunities

Graduates from this program have found employment with many of the school districts in the metropolitan area including Edmond, Guthrie, Mid-Del, Moore, Norman, Putnam City, and Oklahoma City.

The demand for teachers of high quality is strong, particularly in some credentialing areas. For further information on locating teaching positions and areas of high need, visit the U.S. Department of Education and the Oklahoma State Department of Education website's.

In addition, the M.Ed. in secondary education provides an excellent base for pursuing graduate studies. Graduates of the program have been admitted to Ph.D. programs at Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma.

UCO Career Services provides counseling information, resume preparation, and job fair information. For information visit the UCO Career Services website, or call the Career Services office at 405-974-3346.

The Teacher Job Fair, held annually at the University of Central Oklahoma, is attended by local and out-of state school districts looking to hire teachers.


Who can apply for the program?

  • You must hold a bachelor's degree in any area.
  • You must meet requirements for admission for graduate studies in the Joe Jackson College of Graduate Studies.
  • There are no additional admission requirements for acceptance into the M. Ed. Secondary Education Program.

What do I do after I have been admitted to the Master of Secondary Education Program?

Contact Dr. Karis Barnett Program Coordinator, M.Ed. Secondary Education to arrange a time for advisement to develop a Plan of Study. Each student is required to file a plan of study with the program coordinator and the Jackson College of Graduate Studies by the end of the first semester of graduate work.

How does the program support Alternative Teacher Certification?

The M.Ed. in Secondary Education Program at UCO provides a pathway to degree completion specifically designed for those pursuing or completing requirements for alternative teacher certification in Oklahoma. We offer four courses providing fundamental and practical tools for immediate use in secondary classrooms. These courses also prepare you for the Oklahoma Professional Teacher Exam (OPTE).

  • PTE 5333: Meeting Secondary Students' Needs
    This course focuses on understanding adolescents’ physical, cognitive and psychosocial development as well as the impact of family, culture, and socioeconomic status on student learning and classroom instruction. Field Applications in secondary schools allow students to apply course concepts in actual classrooms.
  • PTE 5522: Designing Instruction for Secondary Students
    This course prepares students to design and teach effective lessons to facilitate student learning based on appropriate theoretical frameworks. Multiple strategies for enhancing student learning will be explored including, but not limited to, lecture, demonstration, simulation, projects, experiments, dramatization, and group processes. Students will learn to utilize the Oklahoma C3 State Standards, which includes Common Core Standards in lesson planning and delivery.
  • PTE 5533: Managing Secondary Classrooms
    This course prepares students to utilize current theory and best practices related to behavior, motivation, and communication to create learning environments that encourage positive social interaction, self-motivation, and active engagement in learning. Field Applications in secondary schools allow students to apply course concepts in actual classrooms.
  • PTE 5623: Secondary Class Assessment
    This course focuses on the design, delivery, analysis, and utilization of results of classroom assessments to enhance student learning in the secondary classroom. Students will also learn to utilize data from standardized tests and make appropriate instructional decisions. Additionally, the course will examine the standardized testing process, as well as legal, ethical, and diversity issues in assessment..
Will I be able to get my Oklahoma teaching certificate at the same time I am getting my master's degree?

The teaching credential is a separate process from obtaining a master's degree. This program does NOT lead to alternative certification. The program provides practical tools and advances the skills of those pursuing or fulfilling requirements of this certification.

For information on obtaining an alternative certification, contact the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

To be endorsed and warranted by UCO, you will need to complete the professional program in your area. For additional information regarding this process, contact: Ms. Kristy Farris, Coordinator, Teacher Certification & Field Experiences.

What coursework is required to obtain a Master's of Secondary Education?

The degree sheet and plan of study at the top of this page, and the graduate catalog provide details of the course work required to complete the program.  The Sequence of Course Work provides the order in which courses are taken and shows the semesters when courses are offered.

What is the Program Portfolio?

Completion of the program portfolio is a requirement for graduation. The Secondary Education program requires the completion of six (6) portfolio artifacts. Four of these artifacts will be completed as course assignments. The remaining two artifacts (Artifacts 1 & 6) will be completed outside of class as entry and exit requirements during the first and last semesters in the program.

Is there a required field application/experience component?

There is a 10 hour field experience associated with PTE 5333 and with PTE 5533. PTE 5203 has a 2 to 3 hour field application component that requires teaching a lesson to a class of secondary students. If a student is currently employed as a teacher, his or her teaching assignment serves as the field experience.

You are required to pay for and participate in a federal background check prior to completing field experiences in the public schools.

What kinds of scholarships are available for M.Ed. in Secondary Education students?

Students may access scholarship information through the Scholarships and Giving page. Students should also watch for announcements regarding tuition fee waivers provided by each department in the CEPS. Additional scholarship sources might be found through UCO’s Foundation website and the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education website.