College of Education and Professional Studies

Master of Science in Family and Child Studies

There are three majors offered in this program. They are: Family Life Educator, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Infant/Child Specialist.

After completing the core courses in the formal plan of study, each student will have a specialization requirement and a choice among guided electives. The total number of credit hours will vary to facilitate the certification, licensure or specialization selected by the student.

These degrees programs can lead to a certification in Family Life Education from the National Council on Family Relations. The Certified Child and Parenting Specialist credential is also available to those graduates who take the required examination and internships. The LMFT major prepares the student to apply for the Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

A Child Study Center provides the practical opportunities for these programs with hands-on experience and research. Internship and Practicum requirements are a part of all three programs, as well as a required number of prerequisites.

Student Learning Objectives