Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Board Certified Behavior Analysis

Our Program

The BCBA course sequence is flexibly designed to accommodate students who currently hold, are enrolled in, or are applying to a Masters program in psychology or education, and wish achieve state licensure as a behavior analyst. Students wishing to focus on behavior analysis may enroll in a General Psychology Masters with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis. Additionally, the School Psychology program has embedded the BCBA course sequence, and many special education students have embedded the program into their plan of study. There are several options available to obtain board certification and state licensure as a behavior analyst.

The mission of the BCBA course sequence at UCO is to provide highly qualified practitioners of behavioral science who meet can meet the behavioral health needs of their community through certification by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board and Oklahoma licensure as a Licensed Behavior Analyst. 

The UCO BCBA course sequence program holds the philosophy that all individuals are capable of positive learning outcomes and adaptive behavior through the use of behavior analytic, evidence based practices.

Students have a variety of practice opportunities during their program at UCO including:

For more information regarding program requirements, course sequence, and the BACB Curriculum Map please visit the links below.

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