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UCO Psychology Clinic

The University of Central Oklahoma's Psychology Clinic is a safe, caring, and compassionate place where individuals, couples, children, and families are able to work through some of life's most demanding problems.  The Psychology Clinic's mission is two fold: Serves as a place for those in need to seek our psychological services at an affordable price, as well as a training facility for tomorrow's clinicians.  

In the Psychology Clinic you can expect to be provided excellent psychological services for a minimal fee.  Training clinicians are supervised by licensed psychologists specializing in various aspects of psychology. This style of supervision allows our clients to benefit  from years of clinical experience. 

UCO Psychology Clinic Therapy Groups

The UCO Psychology Clinic will now be offering weekly groups. Most groups will meet for 1.5 hours for 7-8 weeks. For more information, please call (405)-974-2758, email or visit the Psychology Clinic in EDU 307 for more information.

Redefining "We":

How do you find balance in a relationship? Each week we will explore how setting boundaries, defining our own limits, and learning to say "no" can increase our satisfaction in different types of interpersonal relationships. Join our group to discover how you can get the most out of your relationship!

Worry Less:

Worry can be helpful or hurtful. Sometimes it's a protective measure, but sometimes it's crippling to us. This group will focus on learning techniques to curb and control worry, assist in decision-making, and apply these skills to daily life.

Assertiveness Training:

Do you have something to say but don't know how to say it?

Would you like to be more persuasive when sharing your thoughts and ideas?

Assertiveness training can help! Assertiveness is a way to make your ideas and feelings known while respecting others. You will learn assertiveness skills and practice the most effective mode of

"I Am Enough":

Most of us struggle with feeling we are not enough or not truly worthy. Based on the work of Dr. Breneé Brown, we learn how to respond to these fears and thoughts in a healthy manner. We support each other on this journey to feeling worthy and saying "I am good enough."

Easy A:

This group strives to help you reduce your different anxieties about school. This can range from test anxiety, to presentation anxiety, to even social anxiety. Our group will teach you techniques to deal with anxiety in a positive way.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call the UCO Psychology Clinic at 405-974-2758 or email at

Group meeting times will be determined based on availability of students interested in each group