Lori Risley

Dr. Lori Risley

Email: lrisley1@uco.edu

Phone: (405) 974-5533

Office: HES 206B

Box: 120

General Information

Dr. Lori Risley joined the University of Central Oklahoma as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Adult Education and Safety Sciences for the academic year 2013-2014.  She has been teaching in higher education environments for over 6 years. An experienced educator in the fields of Nursing and Adult Education she is passionate about helping adults achieve their goals. 

She completed her Doctoral Program at Lindenwood University, St. Charles, Missouri in October 2012. Her dissertation is the first to focus on a leader in the field of Adult Education, other than Malcolm Knowles; she explored the congruency between John A. Henschke’s practice and scholarship. Dr. Risley’s doctoral research and experience greatly informs her practice. 

Dr. Risley has an active research agenda focusing on trust in the learning environment from the learners’ perspective.  Currently she is collaborating with colleagues exploring student perceptions of eLearning. Research components include trust in the learning environment and principles of adult education.  Since 2012 she has published 3 book chapters and presented 25 concurrent sessions at conferences and symposiums both nationally and internationally, including 9 published proceedings and 6 sessions with undergraduate students from the University of Central Oklahoma.  Encouraging and including students in research opportunities is central to her practice. 

Her University and College service includes the Awards and Recognition Committee for the College of Education, acting as the Department of Adult Education and Safety Sciences Library Liaison, and serving on the Advisory Board for the Service Learning Center.  She is a Mentor for new faculty, is the advisor for the Association of Non-traditional Students in Higher Education @UCO student organization, is affiliated with the Council of Undergraduate Research, was recently inducted as an inaugural UCO Service Learning Scholar and was recently appointed as the Program Coordinator for Organizational Leadership-Reach Higher; a program designed to help adult learners return to College and complete their Degrees.

She is actively engaged in developing a Special Interest Group within the American Association of Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) focusing on the Undergraduate population, is a member of the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), served as the 2011, Research-to-Practice in Adult and Higher Education Conference (R2P) manager, served on the 2011 & 2013 R2P conference planning committee, is the co-editor of the 2014 R2P conference proceeding and will be the 2015 R2P Conference Chair.  Dr. Risley is active in multiple professional organizations including CPAE, AAACE, and Partners of the Americas, among others.

Dr. Risley initiated the first study tour for the Organizational Leadership Program in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Padua, in Padua Italy.  This will be the first study tour offered in the Adult Education and Safety Sciences department at UCO.  Dr. Risley sees the study tour as an opportunity to collaborate across disciplines and is collaborating with faculty comprised of Nursing, Humanities, traditional Adult Education and undergraduate Organizational Leadership to offer this unique experience to students.   Dr. Risley is excited to contribute to the design of a study tour that can be offered for undergraduate credit in Nursing, Humanities, and Organizational Leadership and graduate credit in Nursing and Adult Education planned for the spring of 2016.

Dr. Risley has a strong commitment to helping learners reach their educational goals.  She finds joy in her interactions with adult learners who are on the path to life-long learning.  She considers herself a co-learner on this journey.


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