College of Education and Professional Studies


Application for Admission to the Masters Program in Counseling Psychology

Please provide the following information.

A. General Information



Demographic Data

I have attended these colleges and universities:

Please provide ALL official university/college transcripts and GRE scores in the Counseling Application Packet and UCO Graduate School Application.

GRE Scores
B. Outside Activities and Interests

I now belong to or have belonged to the following professional and/or honorary organizations:

C. Background Experiences

List the last major jobs you held and supply the information requested. List the most recent one first and then the other two in descending order, according to date. Please provide the following information:

  • Dates of Employment
  • Position Title
  • Organization Name
  • Full Address
  • Description of work
  • Reason For Leaving
D. Personal Statement and Professional Orientation:

1. In one to three pages, please supply a personal statement regarding your interest in the field of 
   Counseling Psychology, incorporating the following points as the basis of your statement:

  • What draws you to Counseling Psychology?
  • How do you conceptualize Counseling Psychology in relation to other areas of psychology?
  • Which setting do you plan to enter after graduation (community agency, college counseling center,
    academic position, further doctoral training, etc.)?
  • Present limitations that might cause difficulties in your professional development.

2. Also, please include in the one to three pages a statement regarding your professional orientation
    and interests, addressing the following points:

  • What experiences have helped you decide to apply for a Masters in Counseling?
  • From your point of view, how does the counseling process work?
E. Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of recommendation are required from academic and clinical/counseling-related professionals who are familiar with your qualifications and potential for graduate work. There is not a specific recommendation form to use. Letters from former professors and mental health employers are typically most helpful. The three letters must be individually sealed in separate envelopes with the recommender's signature across the sealed flap and the applicant's signature across the front.

  I understand
F. Resume or Curriculum Vita

Please include a current curriculum vita or resume with this application.

G. Recruitment
H. Applicant Signature

Submitting a Department of Psychology application is one of two steps an applicant must complete in order to be considered for admission into a Master of Psychology/(Counseling/School) program. In addition, the applicant must apply to and submit official transcripts and GRE scores to the Graduate College, Nigh University Center, room 404, as stated in the Graduate Catalog.

Please make sure you have done all of the following:

  1. Submit application/ Jackson College of Graduate Studies
  2. Submit on-line application/Coordinator Graduate Student Admissions/College of Education & Professional Studies
  3. Submit hard copies of the following information in a single large envelope. NOTE: The Graduate Student Admissions coordinator is not responsible for keeping track of documents that are mailed separately:
    • Three letters of recommendation
    • College transcripts
    • GRE Scores

Please return this application to:
CEPS Coordinator Graduate Student Admissions and Student Success
College of Education & Professional Studies
University of Central Oklahoma
100 N. University Drive, Box 106
Edmond, OK 73034

By signing this application, you acknowledge that you have read the instructions above and understand your responsibility in ensuring that you have submitted an application and all required documents to both the Jackson College of Graduate Studies and the CEPS Coordinator Graduate Student Admissions.